Monday, September 27th 2010
girl weekend: big success. am catatonic.

went to mountains with friend. am sooo relaxed cannot possiby bother with capital letters. mmmm. we were highly successful in the whole ‘peace department.’

except on the way out there when a large icky tarantula walked across highway and i couldn’t help but notice its gangly walk right before smashing it at 65 mph. almost had to be peeled off ceiling of car, was so grossed out and there was much much girly screaming. from me. friend did not see it, but was of course understanding because it was quite an event.

also not so peaceful when the grass snake wiggled its way almost right under my foot. jumped so high with lots of high knee lifts. my friend tried to say it was a ‘good’ sort of snake but i was not going there with her. she’s  an animal lover. by comparison, i am not. i play serious favorites, and there are no ‘good snakes.’

but she didn’t blame me about the tarantula. it was hairy. and so incredibly oversized that i could see every detail at a decent rate of speed before smashing it. ick.

but the deer…. oh. lots of deer. came right up to our cabin’s front porch and hung out with us. beautiful. quiet. sweet. little furry, spotty bottomed baby deer. gorgeous. friend picked apples from a tree with fireplace tongs to feed them.

came home to a clean house and a happy family.

am so relaxed and serene that i am in slow motion.

and that’s absolutely a beautiful feeling. except you get nothing accomplished.

but i just can’t care yet. mmmm. who needs capital letters anyway…


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