Wednesday, September 22nd 2010
House Sounds

On Wednesdays, I take the kids to my mom’s house after school. Crazy 8s are played. My mom takes them on a short walk while I stay at her house and breathe in all that silence. It’s always so very, very quiet at her house.

In the house I grew up in, there were two little girls: LaLa and myself.  LaLa spent 99% of her life reading and I was outside. So it was REAL. QUIET.  I think of that house and how it could be full of people but no one was verbal for like, FOREVER, what with all the literacy… and I sigh wistfully.

No one can be in our house for half a second without several different conversations and sound effects and various other boy noises all competing to be heard.

Once this summer Ethan-10yr went over there for an overnight stay at Mom’s house and he couldn’t get over the silence. Mom asked me later about all of Ethan-10yr’s singing. This was confusing. I said, “Mom. Ethan-10yr doesn’t sing.” But there, he did. All the time. Amazing Grace without ceasing, that child sang. He told me later that all the silence freaked him out and the singing helped.

Today we arrived at Mom’s for our Wednesday visit and she told them all to come look at a ‘nature lesson’ she was holding on her front porch. She pulled up the cushion on an outdoor chair and there was a fuzzy white, webby blob. Mom showed the boys that when she poked the blob with a stick, a black spider moved inside.

(My fear of spiders comes straight  from my father.)

It was determined that the spider had red spots. Black Widow-hood was discussed. Then someone proposed it could be a hopping sort of spider, and three boys ran far, far away. Seth-4yr made it down the front steps and into the neighbors’ yard in record time, all the while yelling, “It’s a hopper! It’s a hopper!” Caden-6yr and Ethan-10yr hid ineffectively behind a metal rocking chair.

I made a face and went inside, away from the “nature lesson.”  My mother cheerfully reminded me that this lesson was not intended for me anyway.

The spider met with a highly timely, although accidental, death. I did not mourn.

I sat at my mother’s dining room table and did homework and wondered how many years had passed since that had last happened. A lot.

A friend and I are going out of town this weekend.  There will be trees, and mountains, and cold, and… silence.

And fun and laughing and shopping and eating at places with quiche and salads and girl food and… well. Maybe there won’t be much silence after all. Okay, no, there probably won’t be any at all. But that’s okay.   If there is too much silence, and it freaks somebody out, maybe my friend (with pretty voice) will sing Amazing Grace and then all will be fine. Works for Ethan-10yr.

Ethan-10yr totally shoulda sung Amazing Grace after accidentally offing that spider today! Wish I’d thought of it. Or, a moment of silence, which would have freaked him into a spontaneous performance, anyway…


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September 26th, 2010
9:14 am

I so know what you mean about boys and noise! Sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball. Especially when they all start wrestling! Glad you’re getting a chance to get away for a bit. I am also going to have a quieter weekend as I take off with hubby for our anniversary. Can’t wait!

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