Wednesday, September 8th 2010
Seth-4yr in Trouble

Seth-4yr got in trouble at school today. His teacher cringed and handed me the little white slips of paper in the parking lot and I wanted to hug her so she wouldn’t feel so bad.

She knows me and has for years. She knows that I am not going to deny my AngelBaby From Gawd did a single thing wrong and somehow this is her fault. But some parents are like that. Really. Particularly in preschool when we send them off and then worry that we shouldn’t have sent them off and then we’re at home over-mothering our cats instead.

But as much as I like to smother and cuddle my little guys into protesting wiggling kiss-wiping-off kids… I don’t mind at ALL when they get in trouble. I get a sick kick out of making it worse for them because I’m just POSITIVE that it’s an Opportunity for Character Building. And I am all about those.

I bug my eyes out and get all worked up, if the mood so strikes. Or ladle on the extra consequences if the kid in question seem to just not get the gravity of the situation. Or today, none of the above.

Instead, wipe away Seth-4yr’s tears that slid down his face when I told him he couldn’t possibly behave that way and why. Seth-4yr hates to cry. Always has. The wet-on-eyelashes combination drives him nuts. He really seemed to understand and be moved by the significance of the white piece of paper thing more than I expected.

And then he wiped his snotty nose on my chest and told me in a sad little voice that I don’t smell like a girl. I smell like a computer.

I was sure he meant that in a nice way. But then I asked him if computers smelled good and he said ‘no, they do not’  and recommended I go take a bath.

I told him that is a lovely idea and I would seriously consider it.


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September 10th, 2010
10:41 am

Hm, I wonder what Seth thinks girls are supposed to smell like? Pretty sure a lot of them smell like computers these days!

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