Tuesday, October 12th 2010
Snake/Woman/Always Mutually Despise*

I would be planting bulbs right now… except for the snakes in the flowerbeds. They have a serious repellent effect on me. Those snakes have probably been there every other year I”ve been out there and I’ve just never noticed. But now I KNOW. This is a big difference. They’re out there thinking snaky things. Acting all slithery. And green. ┬áJust waiting to make me scream without even trying.

The flowerbeds are a bit bulb-heavy anyway. Its an annual tradition of mine to spend the fall planting hundreds and hundreds of new bulbs. And that’s a tradition with serious cumulative, floral results and maybe it’s just okay to take a year off due to snakes.

The good news is that the frog are finally gone. Which is great. Because they would assemble their Giant Frog Family, including 7000 tiny babies, on the driveway. And then I’d have to go out there and spray them off with a water hose until not a single stupid frog was in the path of the Giant SUV, then hop in Giant SUV and speed down out of the Frog Family Reunion site before they could hop back in the way again. It took TIME. And effort. And I don’t think they appreciated my lifesaving heroics in the slightest, but that’s just how it is with frogs around here.

I don’t know where they all went. If you know, please don’t tell me.

*I KNOW that title is lame. I know. I’m good with it, anyway. I think it’s Gen 3, but I’m busy not planting bulbs or spraying frogs and studying marketing and not working on fixing that title.**

**Not that you aren’t worth the effort. You are. And pretty, too. But let me off the hook because I can only currently recall 3 of the 5 steps in the ‘new product development process’ and that’s gotta change before 9 am tomorrow.


4 Comments on “Snake/Woman/Always Mutually Despise*”

October 12th, 2010
10:57 am

Snakes – ew. But I do like the mental image of you spraying a path through the Giant Frog Family in order to drive safely through them.

October 12th, 2010
8:40 pm

The snakes ate the frogs, they can be scared away by many cats

October 12th, 2010
11:10 pm

I said “DON”T TELL ME!”

but… REALLY?

I was sitting here, bug eyed and worried, and Mike asked me what was wrong. I told him that somebody [that's you] had said that our current snakes ate our frogs and I was a bit freaked out by the gory details of the food chain. Usually I don’t like to think of the food chain. It grosses me out. And then I realized that our snakes must be HUGE by now because our frog collection was MASSIVE. And HUGE SNAKES really freak me out, and I’m so not relaxed and ready to sleep right now, yaknow?! Mike told me that we just have one snake and he came from far away, without any friends or family. And that our frogs got cold and buried under the ground and will be back in the spring, except for maybe the ONE little frog that our snake ate before hibernating.
But all of that sounds a bit… like crap. Sweet. But still.

One time Mike and I drove by this field by our house and I pointed out that all the cows were gone. I was wondering out loud where they all went and asked Mike if he wondered where they went. He gave me a funny look and shook his head and said, “Uh…? I KNOW where they went.” And at that moment, then I, TOO, knew where those sweet black and white cows had gone, but it had not really occurred to me at ALL that their fate was less than picturesque up until then.

The food chain bothers me.

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