Monday, October 25th 2010
Today I Heart Roadkill

Ethan-10yr from backseat: (breathes very deeply) “MMmm. Smells like coffee.”

Me:  ”No. We just drove past a dead skunk.”

Ethan-10yr: (long pause) “Oh. My mistake.”

This thrills me because Ethan-10yr casually used the phrase, “my mistake” as if it didn’t pain him greatly to do so.  He did NOT start to sell me on some crap-explanation about the olfactory similarities between coffee and skunk, just to avoid being wrong. PROGRESS.

This is the child who used to hate being wrong so much that occasionally when he was really wrong and being obnoxiously in denial about it, I would have him say the words, “I’m sorry. I was wrong. You were right,” to whichever brother deserved these words.

Sometimes, I’d ask him to say this repeatedly and hug him and pat him and reassure him that this was really good for him and for his character. (Just imagine the dirty looks I got for this.) I’d coax him into verbalizing his error and then praise him as soon as the words left the mouth over and over until he was laughing and not feeling sick about his admission of fault. I’d point out how he’d lived through the experience of admitting fault and seeeeeeee? notsobad.

As crazy as that may be, I’m convinced it was necessary in his unique need for maternal guidance. Go ahead. Just thank God right this second that I am not your mother.

I’m counting today’s car conversation as a significant Ethan-10yr victory of character.

That skunk did not die in vain.

It was on its way in or out of a pecan grove when a car hit him. Hopefully, OUT, and it had already eaten many pecans and was happy and full. Maybe he was on his way to Starbucks for an espresso.


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November 1st, 2010
8:27 am

Unlike soooo many parents today, you see an area in your child’s life that could use some help, and you help the child along in the renewing of their mind. Excellent job! and not crazy at all…

November 2nd, 2010
9:59 am

thank you, charleyme! is that a romans 12 reference? (one of my faves)

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