Tuesday, December 7th 2010
aksumites, scorpions, teeth, eggs, hello kitty

i should be studying. but my brain is fatigued with the whole aksumite empire thing. fatigued, i tell ya. see? no capital letters = fatigue. back in sept and oct, i tested out of thirtysix whole hours of various stuff. aksumite empire-ish stuff was not on the list. i wish it had been. but then i doubt i could have passed. that’s how i’m stuck with it now.

if you find aksumite empireish stuff to be fascinating, please excuse me. i respectfully disagree.

the latest on sweet little caden-baby, as we used to call him… and as i still do when i’m feeling maternal and guilty….  he’s having his front two teeth pulled tomorrow. he’s never even had a loose tooth, even though he’s almost 7. but he has an extra permanent tooth en route, and it needs some room. actually, he has to have these two little teeth pulled, then the extra permanent tooth pulled after its arrival, and then he’ll have room for the last permanent tooth that then we’ll let him keep forever.

sounds harsh, huh?

yesterday he told me he was having his teeth pulled. i said, ‘yeah, i know. i’m sorry about that.’

and caden-6yr said, ‘why? dad said it won’t hurt.’

me: ‘he did…?’

caden-6yr: ‘yeah. and it won’t be a big deal. remember when jaden pulled his tooth at lunch after church that day using just a fork? that was so cool.’

okay, actually i do remember that, and wish i could forget that because it was disgusting, and no it was not cool.

yeah… this won’t really be like that… and there won’t be a fork involved….’

ethan-10yr helpfully pipes up with how there’s a law still on the books in a town in rhode island that states that if the dentist pulls the wrong tooth, then the blacksmith has to pull the dentist’s tooth as a consequence…

mike and i tried to shush him before he could share this… but we were too late. and caden-6yr is very nervous and upset about the entire thing, blacksmith required or not.

i snuggled him and prayed with him and talked to him… and felt especially awful because mike scheduled it for the day i won’t even be here.

i’ll be with lala having a great time. and i really will – there’s no question. fantastic time while dentist digs out baby’s front two teeth while i am far far away. i’m working on learning the art of compartmentalizing. i think it would be really helpful right about now.

cadenbaby just told me mike dropped a bunch of eggs. i told him to tell mike he should take a picture. that’s what i do when i drop eggs. not that i know why. cadenbaby came back and said mike said no. then he told me it looked like i had baby teeth. but i refused to be offended. i didn’t even understand that observation. and then, because he was totally stalling against bedtime, he said that he wouldn’t take my red hellokitty folder even if i gave it to him. not that i offered. i didn’t.

i do not have baby teeth, but i will probably never outgrow hello kitty. or be mature enough to care about the intricacies of the aksumites.

today i was hardly mature enough to make it through a yoga/pilates class. we were doing some sort of scorpion move i’d never seen before and it struck me as thoroughly hilarious and i was biting the insides of my cheeks to stop from laughing. my tall, blond friend was a very serene scorpion – very graceful. eyes closed and everything. good thing, because if i’d caught her eye i would have definitely laughed out loud and caused peace issues. on the other side of me, my mom was scorpioning it up too. model students. and i was in the middle just about to fall apart in a very unscorpion-like manner. silently singing ‘rock you like a hurricane’ and biting hard to stop from being a very immature, disruptive scorpion.

ugh. back to the aksumites. it was nice taking this little break with y’all.


mike made eggs. yes. with the ones that crashed to the ground. he said they were salvageable. ew. it never occurs to me to do that, yaknow…? but maybe they’ll be good for cadenbaby’s toothless status.


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December 8th, 2010
12:28 pm

All the talk about Askumite makes it sound like you are going to school for something really hard. What are you studying?

Tell your 10 year old “thanks” for the head up regarding the dentist and the blacksmith. Next time I get my teeth cleaned, I’ll be sure to pass that along. Prayers for Cayden’s quick recovery…

Jennifer Sullivan
December 8th, 2010
7:55 pm

Where does Ethan get all of the interesting facts?

December 8th, 2010
8:04 pm

Oh Jennifer, we’ve been wondering that for about 9 years now…

December 9th, 2010
8:42 am

Linda… nah, i don’t think it would be hard for anyone else. the degree is ‘justice administration.’ not because i have any particular plans for it but because it sounded more interesting than anything else. minus the aksumites, which bore me to pieces. but in all fairness, no one mentioned aksumites when i signed up.

Jennifer Sullivan,
mainly books, but some educational tv. if he hears/reads/sees something once, he retains it for life. and then there’s the giant amount of info he just makes up. that is the bs department, and it is immense. beware of that. but this particular fact came from a book he likes to quote.

had SO much fun. now real life is kicking in again, and it kicks hard…

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