Monday, December 6th 2010
Caden-6yr, You Have Your Mother’s Grace… LOTS of It.

I should be studying history. I really, REALLY should be studying history. In my very lame defense…. I tried. But then it got all historical. And not in a good way. In a way that made me want to see if someone was selling something for dirt cheap on ebay because they didn’t know to list it as “Ann Taylor” instead of how it’s written on the label: “AnnTaylor.” Seriously. People make that mistake all the time. I take advantage of such people all the time. In my closet right now is a gorgeous little brown skirt with beige swirls that was $2 for just this reason. (yes. nwt. i know!)

I went to Amee’s Butt Class again. The intensity just wasn’t there. Disappointing.  I was looking forward to a little survival chat with God. For someone with a really cushy life, you’d be surprised how often I have those chats with Him.

Anyway. Since I’m not studying….

Saturday, at Caden-6yr’s basketball game, I had reason to be so very proud. So, “ooooh, that is MY baby right there.” Don’t you love those moments? He ran up the bleachers to where we were sitting, and then I told him to go back and sit with his team. And he – VERY LOUDLY – tripped and clunked and fell all the way down the stairs to the bottom. My mother was sitting behind me and had a better view. She said, ‘Uh – that was his right knee.’  And then? He popped up and turned and gave the crowd in the bleachers his very best, “I’m fiiiine” smile. Even though it had to have hurt. A lot.

Then, five minutes later, he did the ENTIRE THING AGAIN. With the tripping, the loud clunking on each step (BAM, CLUNK, WHACK on each step all the way to the bottom). And the smile. (Best part.)

That’s my baby. He got the whole tripping/falling/popping up  and smiling/no, not hurt thing all from ME.   What a sweetie. I wish he’d gotten my appreciation for silence instead.

Then, five minutes later, he came up to talk to us again, and everyone in the stands got a bit nervous. When he turned to go, I said, “watch your feet, please, and don’t trip, okay?”

His foot did the exact same thing it had the previous 2 times, but he held on and didn’t fall this time.  He wavered. Arms flailed enough to make us sweat. But he held on.

The home crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief.

He also had a pretty good game, but I was far more concerned with his off-court abilities. So was everyone else. It was like watching two, simultaneous and dramatic sporting events. A basketball game over here… and also for your viewing pleasure, we have a small child attempting to descend bleacher-stairs over here…  oh! it’s okay… look at that smile, he’s fine. He’ll try again… and again…. and on the court we have another basket for the home team… and that is the deafening, distracting noise of the small child taking a tumble again… but oh! he’s fiiiiiine.

And… here he goes again….


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December 6th, 2010
5:22 pm

“That’s my baby. He got the whole tripping/falling/popping up and smiling/no, not hurt thing all from ME. What a sweetie. I wish he’d gotten my appreciation for silence instead.”

Made me laugh out loud! Too funny! I’m glad you’re little guy didn’t get hurt.

So, does Amee maybe have an advanced butt class to challenge you more?

December 6th, 2010
6:27 pm

So how is his knee? Now I’m all worried.

December 6th, 2010
7:30 pm

Geekwif, yeah, that one’s pretty tough. Or, acts tough at least. I’ve thought about Amee’s class, and don’t know if she was particularly difficult last week because it was just after Thanksgiving…. or if she was going easy on us today. She did say that we were lucky because SHE hadn’t eaten anything she felt guilty about over the weekend… hard to know. What I do know is that I’ve never been so afraid of a five foot tall perky cheerleader type before.

LaLa, Oh, his knee is okay. Bruised, but okay. New drama is he has to have his front two teeth pulled. While I’m with you. Away from him. He’s scared. This uncharacteristic fear might have something to do with Ethan telling him about the law in some town in Rhode Island about if a dentist pulls the wrong tooth, then the dentist has to go have one of his/her teeth removed by the local blacksmith. I think we could have done without that little brotherly anecdote.

December 7th, 2010
2:07 pm

Brenna got to get her ears pierced when she had to have teeth pulled…

December 7th, 2010
7:08 pm

HolyCousin, hey…..! nah, i don’t think he’d be interested. i could def hit a lego store though if we have time…. i told him the tooth fairy would probably really owe him for this. he said she wasn’t real. his friend leah found her teeth in the kitchen cabinet where her parents had hidden them. he also said leah got $20. I told him he would NOT be getting $20.

$20….?! Whaaa? They’re TINY those little 2 teeth. and cute, but no way!

December 14th, 2010
2:16 pm


December 16th, 2010
5:09 am

Sweet! You got the ‘Like” button up, just like that! Love it!


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