Thursday, December 23rd 2010
Okay, Next Year I’ll Take the Month Off

LaLa got here today. Yea! She told me over lunch that she ‘fixed’ her ipod. When I went to see her earlier this month I had complained that she “really needed to get that fixed.”

She looked at me strangely and said, “Uh… it’s not broken. It has Christmas music on it. I LIKE Christmas music. We’re just not listening to it because of YOU.”

Ooooh. Right.

So she ‘fixed’ it by taking off the really obnoxious Christmas music and by adding Johnny Cash singing “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Is that about the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard? I’m actually looking forward to hearing that.

So later, in the car LaLa, Mom, and I were discussing The Sending Of Christmas Cards. LaLa said that if you are a Christmas card sender, then you are obligated to continue being one. (This is VERY LaLa.) I disagreed. (This is VERY me.)

I tried to remember the last time I sent Christmas cards. Then I came home and looked it up, and found out the answer. 2006. In 2006, I suffered an injury involving a ballpoint pen, a bird, a right nostril, and blood spattering over snowy white Christmas cards and that was the end of that festive tradition in this house. No wonder I’m not a Christmas-y person. No one should EVER get hurt while writing Christmas cards. Stupid bird.

Hmmm. My “Let’s Blog Christmas Stuff” ideas are REALLY rather grim. Yes. Well. I could totally go into how really good people DIE in this family around Christmas and take us further down Morbid Avenue, but instead, let me tell you about how my kids decided there is no Santa this year.

Because it’s funny.

And true.

And it kinda makes me so proud I can’t stand it.

Caden-6yr (philosophically) to Seth-5yr:  ”Santa canNOT be real. If Santa were real, Mom would make us tell him ‘thank you’ in some way. If he REALLY gave us presents, she’d make us do that.”

The “let’s not get caught up in the fantasy-of-Christmas-aimed-at-children-scheme, because if we factor in how crazy mom is about us appropriately expressing gratitude, it disproves the very existence of Santa” theory.

Ahhh, to overhear children making sense of their world through the lens of etiquette. A mother’s Christmas wish come true.*

*shut up! but that one little phrase totally sounded Christmas-y of me! I better leave this post up until after Christmas. I may not be able to pull that off again, but YEA, I did it!


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