Monday, December 20th 2010
Redheaded and Fabulous in Every Possible Way

You may not be a “Christmas-y” person if you put a kid in time out for singing Christmas songs. (Good thing I’ve never once claimed to be a Christmas-y person.)

I had a VERY good reason. That kid with the singing voice just like his mama (eeek) was insisting on singing right next to me while i was on the phone, after being asked repeatedly to stop.

Ethan-10yr: the only kid ever to be  disciplined for joyful caroling. Ha. That’ll teach him.

Or not.

Because as soon as I (mad voice and all) told him he was in time out, I totally cracked up because it was ridiculous. And then he did, too.

I got to hang out with 3 adorable 3 year olds yesterday. They’re not so secretly my favorite class. I’ve begged for the chance to substitute for any of the younger classes at church. I don’t want to teach every week, but I need some toddler time at least once a month. Church must be full of reliable and healthy volunteers (what’s with that?) because I haven’t gotten to substitute for months.

I was so excited I packed a giant bag of enough 3 year old craft ideas to keep us busy until Easter. And then only 3 little angels showed up. But that’s okay.

Isn’t there a little redheaded girl in Charlie Brown’s world that is fabulous in every way? Am I remembering that right? Because I think I met the 3 year old version yesterday.

A darling little redheaded girl walked in wearing a dress that was fancier than anything I will ever own. Black velvet on top, black and white tartan taffeta skirt with tulle underneath and two red satin bows at the waist. Her black velvety long sleeves ended dramatically at the wrist with fluffy, pristine, white marabou cuffs. It’s the sort of dress that if I’d ever asked my mother for as a child, she would have laughed and told me how impractical it was. (and for ME, it would have been. but not for this little girl.) Her hair was immaculate. She wore a silver ring on one finger and never took it off, played with it, or lost it.  She had a hard candy of some sort in her mouth that she never spit out, touched, or choked on.

This three year old had the poise and calm elegance of a dignitary. She was very sweet and likeable, which was a good thing, because all that composure on a toddler was creeping me out just a bit.

She was the second of the three kids to arrive. And I had just ripped my dress by playing monster trucks a bit too forcefully with the little boy who had arrived before her.

The little redheaded girl made me want to stand up straight and learn how to accessorize.

Okay, not really.

She declined my offer of slamming plastic trucks into one another. I have no idea why. We discussed my big bag of ideas I could hardly wait to get started on with them. She said, “My father will be very mad if I use glue.”



“Well…. we have lots to do that doesn’t involve glue. And if you want to do things that DO involve glue, then we’ll push up your sleeves and you’ll be very careful and I’ll clean up any messes as soon as they happen.”

She looked skeptical.

Perhaps she had seen the ripped seam on my left side.

It was an offer I should not have necessarily made. Turns out, the girl LIKES glue. She uses a LOT of glue. Have you ever tried to keep large volumes of white glue off a black velvet dress and far away from white marabou cuffs? That is not easy.

But we had a great time. Those three little kids were so much fun. We made pipe cleaner/bead ornaments. We made reindeer ornaments. We read about the birth of Christ. We made snowmen out of marshmallows and mini chocolate chips and ate more snowman body parts than we should have.

The little redheaded girl told me her dad says “golly” when he’s mad at people.

I wondered if I would be on the receiving end of a “golly” over the whole glue thing.

I thought “golly” sounded like rather a nice thing to say when you’re mad at people. There are certainly worse alternatives.

I might try it the next time someone sings Christmas songs next to me when I’m on the phone.


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December 21st, 2010
8:14 pm

It sounds like your little red haired girl is next in line for the throne! I love fashion, but glue trumps marabou every time.
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