Saturday, January 22nd 2011
The Pre-Game WarmUp, Snuggie-Style

Mike got home last night after I’d gone to sleep. He’s here for the weekend before heading off again. In the middle of the night I had some violent dream and ended up smashing my head against his elbow. It was a longer trip than usual, and I’d gotten used to the empty, elbowless, spot over there.

I spent much of the time he was gone in front of the fireplace, with books, spread out on top of a Sherpa Snuggie he’d given me. The Sherpa Snuggie is a fantastic combination of warm and  OH-SO-UGLY. It’s the perfect gift for a cold natured wife when you’re about to be out of town a lot. I ADORE this thing. It makes me look like a cross between a Tibetan monk and a yak. (click if you don’t believe me. Check out how impossible it is to have use of hands, despite claims to the contrary. not that monk/yaks need hands, but still. Also, the back is a bit drafty, like a hospital gown.)

I’ve been a very happy monk/yak.

This morning, I’m in the bedroom and the boys just went to the bathroom door (down the hall) and started petitioning “Mom” in their whiniest/at conflict voices about a Wii dispute. I snuggled under the covers and giggled because the bathroom light is on and the door is shut, and they think I’m  in there. But it’s Mike. Who will ignore this.  Or not hear it. Or ignore it, but pretend not to hear it.

Like me. But my alternative is saying, “No! Sweet children! I am in the bedroom. Please come in here and whine and argue for my delight in HERE, because I’d hate the chance to mediate something you’re perfectly capable of resolving yourselves. Quickly! The suspense is too much!”

They found me.

Caden-6yr laughed.

I love that kid. He busted his lip with a Wii remote and has a bloody paper towel hanging out of his mouth. Not that he was complaining about it. Their problem was about something else entirely.

The other day I was going to take them to the gym (where Caden-6yr always gets horrifically hurt and mangled, but hey I get a workout, priorities y’all) and I asked him to please not get hurt.

He made a face and said, in pure confusion, “What? What are you talking about? You can’t control whether you get hurt.”

“Well. You can be careful and cut down on the number of injuries.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Yes! You really can!”  The problem is Caden-6yr is kinda reckless. “Caden. I’m the same way. And what I’ve found is that if I slow down just a little and think a little bit more about where I am in relation to hard things that will hurt me, I get hurt less.”

“You’re like that too?! Is that why you always have bruises all over your legs?”

Thanks, Caden-6yr. ”Well, yeah. And the kickboxing, and all the clumsy. But could you just TRY not to get hurt?”

He shrugged, as if it were a thoroughly worthless theory. When i picked him up, he had a giant cartoon-like bump on the top of his head where he had smashed into a slide. I took the boys to my mom’s and told her about it and from across the room she could see how his hair was completely displaced by the huge lump.

I can’t blame him. ‘Reigning it in a little’ always feels less like self-preservation to me and more like conceding defeat and volunteering to just not have as much fun. Whether it’s a kicking/punching thing or a mud/truck/speed thing or whatever. If it’s really that difficult for me now, it’s probably asking way too much of a 6 yr old.

He has a basketball game in a couple of hours. The last play of a game a couple of weeks ago, he took a pass to the face really hard, which he bravely pretty much ignored. His left eye and cheek swelled up and stayed that way for a couple of days.

But really, I think we’re good today, and there won’t be bleachers. Today, he’s starting the game with a freshly busted lip.

Ahead of the game, that’s what we call that around here.


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January 22nd, 2011
3:14 pm

Is it possible that Caden-6yr is on track to do something besides getting hurt? Something fantastic that would change the world? All those Microsoft/apple/Facebook guys had to start somewhere. Maybe they started out with a bloody paper towel and worked their way up the IT ladder?

Funny, I got whacked by an elbow last night, too. I try to see it as a sign a affection that anyone needs to sleep that close to me. Family life is good…
Linda recently posted..Protestant hair

January 22nd, 2011
6:26 pm

The weird thing is he really is pretty athletic. He’s just crazy/clumsy too. I’d prefer if he’d lay off all the injuries, but it’d be a little hypocritical of me…

Did you slam your head into an elbow, like i did? Or did the elbow slam into your head? You’re adorable that you would choose to see either of these as affection and a sign of marital harmony. Perspective is everything.

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