Friday, January 28th 2011
The Roman Empire, Diets, and Sea Salt Brownies

So it’s done. The big Roman Empire what-was-I-thinking paper. DONE.

I learned much. I think the Visigoths got a bad rap, because really they don’t seem all that barbaric. I think they really meant well and were misunderstood.  Developed an odd soft spot for the Franks, and a new appreciation for all the horrible symptoms of lead poisoning.

Mainly, I’m just glad it’s done. It’s sort of difficult to write a  historically accurate paper while glossing over the fact that, despite best efforts,  you don’t really understand the history you’re writing about. Still,  I think I did it!

Unless my defending the Goths tips off my teacher that I really know not of what I speak, which is highly possible. In which case,  I’m screwed. But weren’t they just mindin’ their own until the Romans got all mean toward them? Self defense + Hun fleeing. I think.

In other  news that has nothing to do with that, Mike is on a diet. Thoroughly not necessary. When Mike picks a diet, it’s usually weird. Something odd or extreme, and this time is no different. It’s the 4 Hour Body thing, and it has him doing all kinds of things he’d normally never do. Cold showers. Spinach for breakfast. Tons of protein. Cinnamon. There are reasons behind all of it that I do not understand. I tend to stay away from diet books, after the one that shocked me into vegetarianism a few years ago. Since then, I’ve had the opinion that diet books can be highly influential and are to be avoided no matter what.

The other night Mike was home and  I asked him why it was called the 4 Hour Body and he said something about how the author is the same guy who wrote 4 Hour Work Week and he probably wanted the title to be similar for marketing purposes.

“But…. did you ever notice that after you read 4 Hour Work Week, you started working about 15-20 MORE hours each week?”

He gave me a look. This was an actual, rare face to face conversation. We don’t really have those all that often, and this one had taken a turn he didn’t seem all that interested in exploring. Which was fine. I was just bored with the Visigoths and looking for a distraction.

If this book has the same effect on him as the guy’s last book did, Mike will vanish completely, and not from weight loss. I hope this author isn’t working on another one. 4 Hour Mind, or something.

While he’s taking cold showers and eating spinach, I’m roasting in front of the fireplace eating every last one of the Trader Joe’s sea salt brownies he brings me from his business trips.

I’ve definitely got the sweeter end of this deal.


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January 31st, 2011
3:21 pm

I’m very glad your paper is done.

I’m very interested in getting in on that imported-from-Trader-Joe’s gig. We should talk.

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