Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

*the very first, sunny-yellow crocus bloomed.  it thrilled me.

*the dog spilled a large amount of water on me. I was on the floor by the fire with homework and he was interested. Gotta love the strong, silent dog type who’s into Law and Society.

*i took a class at the gym with my mom. (who can say that?! I love that we live close enough, finally, to do things like that.)

*i accidentally signed up to make a whole lot of chicken spaghetti for a teacher thing. i thought i was volunteering to do something I can actually do well. Like, buy plates and napkins. I rock at that.  But no. My chicken spaghetti isn’t bad… but it’s the Kids Will Eat Version. And not the Teacher Version. Will have to look into the key differences.  And touch chicken.

*Am  considering the details of a baby shower. Sure, I’m anti-social but if you have a baby I will get over it for one single day and throw you the most gorgeous baby shower ever.

*Once I thought that it’d be easier to hire caterers. And it probably woulda been, and the food was REALLY good…. but then the caterers fought with each other in the kitchen in front of everyone and i never did that again. Not all caterers would fight in front of the guests. I know. And these probably only did it that one little time… but still. I think I’ll be making a lot of food.

*I almost NEVER fight with myself in the kitchen in such a way that people would notice.

*That’s one of my better qualities. It would be a very good start to a catering career. If I could cook.

*The textbook the dog soaked is drying in front of the fire, pages fanned out in crinkly wavy disorder.

*I’m going to go visit my crocus on the way to the mailbox…

* my kids’ faces are free of face paint. they’re so CUTE today.

(I hope y’all had a lovely day as well.)


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February 22nd, 2011
8:22 pm

Re: chicken spaghetti. throw in at least one brick of cream cheese, and plenty of grated mozarella to make it more adult friendly.
Re: wet book. Put paper towels between the pages to soak up the moisture, and then put a heavy weight on the book to get rid of the crinkles.
Re: baby shower. I’d almost have another baby just to have you throw me a shower. On second thought….no I wouldn’t.
Re: cute kids. your kids are cute every day.
Re: crocuses. Can you post a picture? It’s still just gray and dead-looking here.
Jan recently posted..Sew Whats New

February 22nd, 2011
8:50 pm

Touch chicken? What a woman.
Linda recently posted..Frances Speck- prisoner of self

February 22nd, 2011
10:22 pm

I agree with Jan…And chunks of onion, tomatoes and peppers are nice too. Maybe Ricotta instead of cream cheese…never had it that way.

I know how you feel about the crocuses, we have a bouquet of daffodils on our table :D (I grew up calling them buttercups, but just found out that’s not the right name and it’s really rocked my world in an annoying way). :S
Michele recently posted..Chickens!

February 22nd, 2011
11:09 pm

The PioneerWomen.com has a chicken spaghetti recipe up today on her cooking section. It looks good minus the mushrooms :)

February 23rd, 2011
12:18 pm


You really know your chicken spaghetti tips! Thank you! Angie, I’d missed PW, since I usually skip her food stuff. Ha!

I know. I need a t shirt that tells everyone so!

I wish I’d read that sooner. now they’re dry, crinkly pages and I’ll have to flatten and weight them. definitely have a baby. tell wick! (this body has no more room for stretch marks, but you go right ahead and i’ll do the b shower!) I could take a pic, but I’m awful about posting them… will look into this.

if you grew up calling daffodils buttercups, then by all means you should continue. personally, I refuse to call the little ones narcissus or paperwhites, even though that would prob be more accurate. buttercups sound cheerful!

February 23rd, 2011
4:52 pm

I made the PWC chicken spaghetti (old recipe, not new one) just last month and it was good – and easy. If you buy rotisserie chicken you would still have to touch chicken, but at least it would already be cooked.

Jennifer Sullivan
February 23rd, 2011
11:38 pm

Could you use canned chicken?
Jennifer Sullivan recently posted..A couple things I learned today…

February 24th, 2011
8:05 pm

I like Jennifer’s idea. Quick, easy, and no touching chicken!
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