Monday, March 21st 2011
Called on the Carpet

oh gosh, SORRY. I left a rather dreary post there and forgot about it and some of you worried and really, I just got busy. (spring break, baby shower, school, etc.) If I’m ever really needing you to worry, I will spell it out. I tend to do that. Spell everything out for you whether you want to know stuff or not.

I only do that for y’all, which you may or may not appreciate very much sometimes. I do NOT necessarily tell everyone every last thing in my Real Life, and this morning is the perfect example.

This morning my housekeeper confronted me about the vacuum. My housekeeper actually has never confronted me about anything, ever, since she almost never speaks to me. Also? She’s only about 100 pounds, and it was a little bit adorable how stern she was.

“The vacuum? Eet does not work. And eet smells. Deed your boys do something bad to it?”

The vacuum had a BAD day a few weeks back, which you may remember. But it’s been working fine. It died slowly since then, but I can hardly blame it.

“Well. No, the boys did not. I did something bad to it, Maria.”

“You tell me right now what you deed to it, Mees Kelsey.”

(I love how she talks. She should really talk more.)

“Nope. I will never tell you what I did to that vacuum, Maria. It’s BAD. It was VERY bad, and I will never tell you.”  But I smile, to soften the message a little.

“Well, whatever eet ees that you deed….? Eet smells terrible.” She gave me a dirty look. Which isn’t that dirty, since she’s normally so sweet.

I told her it would be fixed or replaced before she needs it again. And it will be.

And that is the difference between Real Life and Y’all. Y’all heard most of the disgusting vacuum story right away without asking and without much choice. Maria will NEVER hear the disgusting vacuum story because she’d probably quit and I’d just hate to try to replace her because I don’t think I ever could.  If the house is extra messy, sometimes I leave her extra money. This makes sense, right? But, no. She just comes up with more work to do in order to try to earn the extra money, and then I feel bad that she stayed for hours longer than she normally would have.  She’s a keeper, that one.

Anyway. My blogging lull, compounded with the depressing ever-present post, was poorly timed. It coincided with a delightful little undeserved award I’ll explain in the next post.


4 Comments on “Called on the Carpet”

March 21st, 2011
2:27 pm

I missed the depressing post?!

That sucks. :)

Glad to know you’re okay, though.

March 21st, 2011
7:48 pm

Your housekeeper sounds wonderful! I’d do whatever it took to keep her too.

Looking forward to hearing about your award!
Geekwif recently posted..How Do I Love Classics Let Me Count The Ways

March 22nd, 2011
3:40 pm


you’re so cute. no. i almost never post something and take it down. (it would be better if i did. i am still unforgiven for a post last september, but it was real and honest and not meant to be unforgiveable in any way.) i am ok – so ok that you didn’t realize it was terribly depressing, and that can only be a good thing!


she IS. oh, she’s good.

March 22nd, 2011
9:37 pm

I stand by my original comment, that you are a good dog mom and vacuums can be replaced.

It did seem a little weird when you didn’t write for awhile. Glad everything is okay. : )
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