Tuesday, March 29th 2011
My Eyebrows Need Their Own Blog

My mom came over to watch 2 boys while I took the 3rd to baseball practice. (That is SO nice.)  She’d been here about 2 minutes when she stopped, midsentence, and noticed the Eyebrows for Christ.


“I know. They’re a mere whisper of their former selves.”

“I’ve…. I’ve never seen them like that.” I’m assuming she means, even when I was born. Or maybe not. I was less than 5 1/2 pounds, and I really hope my eyebrows were smaller then than they are now. But you never know. They certainly look petite to me. “Look, Mom. On the left eyebrow, there’s this unfortunate Vanilla Ice Effect where there’s a totally bald spot. Remember how he used to have lines shaved into his left eyebrow?”

I didn’t really think she WOULD know. But she did.  I should never underestimate my mother’s knowledge of such things.

“Yes,” she said looking closely. “There’s actually two of those in that eyebrow. One there, and then one over here.”

I don’t even think Vanilla Ice still has eyebrows like that. I google image searched, and the most recent looking photos show the man has wised up some and abandoned that look.

But hey, it’s fine.

Somewhere in West Texas there is a mother of four who is the unlikely candidate to singlehandedly carry on his ill-informed grooming legacy.

The perforated brow rocks on.

*JS, that Vanilla Ice pic link is JUST for you and you’re so welcome.


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March 30th, 2011
11:53 am

The blog to be called Vanilla Ice-brows?

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