Tuesday, March 22nd 2011
oh? And I’m Versatile, Too!

In Real Life, if you give me some sort of compliment, I will often appear as if I didn’t hear you.

But I heard you.

It’s just that I’m busy telling myself that of course you didn’t really mean it to be complimentary, and am actually thinking hard about what you must have meant to say instead of what you really did say because it couldn’t have been what it sounded like, and I’d probably be jumping to conclusions and be terribly vain to even consider taking whatever it was at face value, and that should be avoided at all costs. Did you follow that?

It just appears as if I’m ignoring your words completely when, oddly, I’m analyzing frantically, behind the oh-so clever disguise of a blank stare.

It’s a good thing Linda did this online and spared us all of THAT. Because an online compliment can be much more easy to accept and say “thank you.” Thank you, Linda!

Linda, one of my most favorite bloggers ever from Shoes for an Imaginary Life, gave me THIS:

veratile blogger

Isn’t it pretty?!  Of course it is! This award comes with 2 significant “strings.”

1) I’m now supposed to tell you 7 random things about me now and

2) pass it on to FIFTEEN of you blogger types that are new to me.

Both of these could be problematic. Because… I thought I was being a bit more social lately on and offline, but clearly not by these standards.  Also, maybe I’m not really ‘versatile.’  But that’s okay. Let’s start with the required 7 random things because gah, I can do that in my sleep. I’ll try to make it stuff I haven’t told you before, which makes it much harder and should totally get me extra credit.

seven and random…

1. I had flounder last night, and although it was good… I had an icky feeling but I couldn’t quite figure out why. And then I did. Ages ago, my sister used to listen CONSTANTLY to the Little Mermaid soundtrack. Do you see where I’m going with this yet? The little yellow and blue stripy fish was called Flounder. And I ate Ariel’s friend, Flounder. With a nutty, almond breading, to be exact. Gross. I did not sleep well. It was like having Bambi for dinner.   I kept waking up and reminding myself that it was FINE. Fish is FINE to eat, do NOT slide back down the food chain over 90s era Disney, Kelsey, it is not WORTH IT. Right.

(I think this qualifies as ‘random’, no?)

2. Despite the constant gym class schedule I keep, I don’t particularly like the necessary mirrored rooms where these classes take place and will try to stand behind someone else. My laugh lines look even worse with sweat, and I’d rather not watch.

3. I don’t really believe in needing other humans too much. It puts too much pressure on flawed people to provide things they are probably incapable of offering in the first place. (God’s far more reliable.)

4. Had a minor freakout this afternoon in a parking lot when I realized there was yet another problem with asymmetry going on (the most recent other asymmetry issue being a rib).  I had just wrongly ASSUMED that my ridiculous left leg would have thoroughly gotten with the program and resumed its post-injury life at the normal matching size as my right leg.  I never looked and checked. I just figured. The surgery to fix the knee was a LONG time ago. Like, almost 18 months. OF COURSE the leg is recovered and not looking all stick-like and puny, right? But no. We have stick-like and puny. At Hobby Lobby today at 2 in the afternoon I was supposed to be buying baby shower supplies, and instead I was outside frantically measuring the circumference of each calf with the string from my hoodie which I did NOT first take out of my hoodie, or take my hoodie off my body, so it was terribly uncomfortable and contortionist looking, should anyone have noticed.  Then I went home and did a thousand exercises just on that side until I cramped up and couldn’t walk, and then I put on my favorite baggy jeans. And realized that if I didn’t hide behind people in all those mirrored rooms, MAYBE I would have noticed this before shorts season and been able to do something about it.

But this doesn’t bother me. Really. Asymmetry is fine.  Let’s make bumper stickers.

5.  If you’re married and you decide not to have sex with your husband anymore, you should be sued for breach of contract. (Oh, sorry. Was that abrupt? I was going more for ‘random.’) With the exceptions necessary for any medical concerns or issues, that is ridiculously selfish behavior, and women who do this drive me nuts. I have little to no compassion for this. Whatever the issue is, it’s one worth addressing and solving. Do NOT tell me you do this, or let me overhear you say that you do this when you’re talking to your friend on your cell phone in the middle of the grocery store. I will tell you to go find your husband and get thee to bed. (Or I will give you a dirty look and leave you on the bread aisle and walk away, while praying for your neglected husband. Little to NO compassion from the judgmental Christian lady on aisle 7.)

6.  The vacuum repair people are horrified at what they discovered in our vacuum. But, come on. Shouldn’t ALL vacuums be wet/dry capable? I mean, really. They’re trying to get it covered under warranty, but sternly told Mike not to let that happen again. Mike said he didn’t tell them it was me, but I don’t really believe that. I would have told them it was him. If it were. But it wasn’t. So instead, I just  asked that Mike be the one to pick it up also, so I don’t actually have to get my deserved lecture face to face. All things should be industrial strength with me, and come with very long, comprehensive warranties. I’m just naturally destructive to property, but without any accompanying element of maliciousness or negativity. It’s a gift. Caden-7yr has it, too.

It’s an expensive gift.

7. I don’t actually KNOW anything about shoes, music, sports, fashion, or really much of anything else. I just know what I like, and that is more than enough for me to occasionally get very opinionated. I do know a lot about plants. I will go off on this subject and my sister will  proudly say, “Aww. Look at you, gettin’ your nerd on!”

Okay – here’s my version of the 15 people to whom I’m passing on my award. Some are new to me. Some are not. Some of them may not have any idea who I am, but that’s all right. Some of them should start a blog and then claim this award in one of their first posts.

Headless Mom (my kids ate tilapia because of her and ASKED FOR MORE, no I am not kidding. And? I actually COOKED it right before that happened. Like, successfully.)

The Geekwif (We go waaaaay back, the GW and I.)

Michele (Posh Gluten Free Life)

Jan (My Mind: Lost, Strayed, or Stolen)

Heather Ivester (one of the kindest, most encouraging people you will ever find.)

Annie Joy (I love the things A.J. writes about. It makes me miss someone very much, but in a good way.)

Emily (The Sassy Lime. What else needs to be said there? The. SASSY. LIME. Awesome.)

Sarah (This Beautiful Mess. And she is. A beautiful, hilarious, wonderful mess who never gives herself enough credit for all the great things she does and is.)

AggieJenn (Reflecting Him. And she really does, of course.)

And my new category that I’m creating just because:

Those Who  SHOULD Blog

Sara (because I worry about you and no, i WON’T facebook. pleeeease?)

LaLa (Sis, the blog is just sitting there, WAITING for you to write again.)

Melissa (your ministry is amazing to me, and so are you.)

Mysti (you have chickens! tell the world about your chickens, local girl!)

Chris (nursing student/mom somewhere up north, you know who you are)

Angie (yep, YOU.)

J-Mom (my mother. she really should.)

Extra category right here, exclusively for Jenn S, who is not listed above since Linda got to her first. (As she should have.)

To claim your award, write a post and include the ‘button’ at the top. Link back here so we can visit you. Tell us 7 randomish things. Pass it on to 15.  Remember to tell them about it.

Remember to tell ME, as I will want to read your 7 and meet your 15!


21 Comments on “oh? And I’m Versatile, Too!”

March 22nd, 2011
11:17 pm

Compliments? As in the nice things you just said about me up there…yeah, I don’t handle ‘em well either.

Thanks and bye… :)

Seriously. Thank you.

Looking forward to writing yet another random post. At least this time I have an excuse. Kelsey told me to.

Headless Mom
March 23rd, 2011
12:13 am

Thank you! You’re so sweet!

I’m so glad that you and the kids liked the tilapia. It’s rapidly becoming a regular around here, too.

I’ll do this soon, Promise! I also have to do an accent vlog. That otta be interesting…
Headless Mom recently posted..The Best Laid Plans

March 23rd, 2011
1:58 am

Thanks, Kelsey. I promise to let you know if I do start a blog. :)

Thankfully there has been no need for the bubble wrap lately… and I don’t believe in jinxing myself, but it seems weird to actually say that.

March 23rd, 2011
7:54 am

The one time I actually wish I wrote…That’s ok. I’ll stick to reading

March 23rd, 2011
3:42 pm

Thanks, Kelsey – very sweet of you to think of me!

Your list cracks me up – I was wondering what happened to the vacuum. Now I know!

Nurse Chris
March 23rd, 2011
5:35 pm

Aawww… you remembered me! Thanks. How did you sense that I have always secretly dreamed of being a writer? You are versatile and intuitive!

March 23rd, 2011
7:05 pm

YEA – I love your style of random. Look forward to it.

Headless Mom – oh good! I’ll have to watch that. I’ve seen a few of them, but have not really been tempted to drawl for the internet intentionally yet.

I’m glad you and the family are well!!

I wish you wrote, too! you have such a passion for reading, and I love hearing all the stories about people you meet and about your big family! see? cast of characters already complete!

oh yes. the vacuum. Dyson HATES me right about now.

Nurse Chris,
of course i remember you! From the little I know of you and your family, you have much to write about – and I’d be thrilled to hear about it. Blogging is the easiest thing ever, and that includes journaling. ( Which I can’t do.) GO FOR IT! : )

Heather Ivester
March 23rd, 2011
8:29 pm

Thanks for thinking of me! You are definitely on top of everyone’s most encouraging writer list. I’m really really gonna get to the gym one of these days because of you!

(P.S. My favorite kind of fish is salmon. oh yum. Do you have a Longhorn’s Steakhouse near you? They make the most delicious salmon. I love it so much with GRITS! Definitely a Southern thing.)

March 23rd, 2011
10:29 pm

Hmm…so sweet…thank you! Confession: started a blog. Haven’t shared. Haven’t got my groove on yet. Extreme writers block coupled with the type of bashfullness that says “you think people really wanna read this crap?”

Maybe soon…

March 24th, 2011
7:41 am

Hmm. I do have a blog. Not nearly as entertaining as YOURS, and sadly neglected over the last year, but you’ve inspired me to dust it off.

Mysti recently posted..Huh August 09

Nurse Chris
March 24th, 2011
8:47 am

Maybe I will try a blog some day! My very good friend recently started a blog and she blows me away with what she has created in such a short time. I think you will enjoy it, check her out!


March 24th, 2011
3:13 pm

My mother always complained about how I could never take a compliment. She would say, “Can’t you just say ‘thank you’ and move on?” Uh, no. I always had to tell that I got something on sale or my sister bought it for me or my jewelry wasn’t real or…you get the idea.

Your game sounds fun! (Really. That’s a compliment.) I never get tagged in anything (that’s a whine)!
Melissa recently posted..As My World Turns

March 24th, 2011
8:20 pm

Chicken is grosser than fish and doesn’t have a friend named Ariel.

I’m disappointed that the rib issue has resurfaced it’s ugly… rib? I’ve been checking myself during sidebends, so far so good. A blog-o-condriac…

Sex: point taken. But I never discuss it in the grocery store. And yes, I noted the scripture reference.

Vacuum? Puke. I can’t vacuum because I have vertigo. You might be better off to do the same…

I’m pretty sure Lark wore cute shoes. So what gives?

That was a fun 7… hugs : )
Linda recently posted..A tribute to my mom who is now reading my blog

March 25th, 2011
4:20 am

Aww, thanks, Kelsey. We do go waaaaaayyy back, don’t we?

#3, I can soooo relate. But I’ve spent my life with people trying to convince me otherwise. I think there’s some kind of irony going on there.

I’m going to add my “yea” to your suggestion that LaLa start blogging again. I loved her blog! C’mon, LaLa, you can do it! :)
Geekwif recently posted..Jane Eyre Again And Other Books

March 25th, 2011
9:40 pm

Your random things are much more enjoyable to read about than mine would be. We’ll see…

Jennifer Sullivan
March 27th, 2011
3:45 pm

A special category just for me? Awww. I was surprised to see my name and then started thinking “Well there are so many Jenn S’s out there, so maybe it’s another one” this thought was so controlling that I actually went back to your post and clicked my name to make sure it really was me. Maybe I have a slight problem with taking compliments too… I am definitely a random thoughts kinda gal. : )
Jennifer Sullivan recently posted..Karma- cupcakes and coupons

julie carobini
March 27th, 2011
9:21 pm

This made me laugh, Kelsey, because my daughters are always quoting some lines from Mean Girls.
“You’re really pretty.”
Replied snarkily: “So you agree. You think you’re really pretty.”

Haha…the truth is, you ARE a versatile blogger and deserve this award. And I haven’t been here in forever! Good to see you again :)

March 28th, 2011
11:42 am

AWW! thanks! I don’t have a longhorn’s steakhouse nearby, but it seems an odd place to get a really good salmon…?! Funny!

You let me know WHENEVER you’re ready for visitors, please!! I had you confused with another Melissa and did not realize there were two melissas here for awhile. And then last week I emailed her and was all, “HEY? You aren’t the Melissa in NM? OH! And that makes so much sense… because that’s not her husband’s name!” Right.

MYSTI!!!! You made my day. Will have to put down the homework and come visit your blog!!! thanks!!!

Nurse Chris!
THANKS! I’ll go visit this and never get any more work done at all and I’m so excited about that!!! if you start your own blog, i’ll fail the semester!

I thought those comebacks WERE how to accept a compliment. Oh no! Worse than I thought!

In my family we have a saying: “T Shirt slogan of the day!” we yell it whenever someone says something strange but perfect. It’d be a 3XL t-shirt, but today’s would read: “chicken is grosser than fish and doesn’t have a friend named ariel.”

Yep, L had cute shoes, but I have no shoe fashion knowledge. You know? (And no interest in obtaining it)

Why, yes, we DO go way back! #3… you have people who try to convince you otherwise?! That’s so sweet! (hold firm.)

doubt it! lemme know when it’s up!

Jenn S,
you’re IT. The only Jenn S. I did get Melissas confused, so I know what you mean, but no. You’re the only Jenn S I know of, unless I”m also confusing 2 of you and do not yet know it. Which totes did happen with the Melissas for who knows how long.

It’s been ages. I bet you have a book out I’ll love that I do not yet own, because it’s probably been that long. WIll head to amazon after reading new blogs I just found out about! : )

I never saw Mean GIrls.. but you really got the essence of it there I bet!
HolyMama! recently posted..Tiny- Pink- Girly

April 4th, 2011
4:45 pm

As usual, I am late to the party, but here I am. I don’t know how to put the button thing in my post. I don’t know 15 other people to invite. But I did write 7 random things about myself. Thanks for inviting me!
Jan recently posted..Seven Random Things

Stacey V
April 4th, 2011
5:03 pm

Hey Kelsey, about the sex thing, lol, every marriage is so different, to say that all women should just roll over for their husbands and meet their needs is one I don’t agree with!! Theres no where in the Bible that says we have to do that, in fact it talks alot more about men loving their wives as Christ loved the church and died for her. In my book, it’s if your being a pig, then fine, you get nothing till you stop being one. If the husband has been addicted to porn, and it’s not the wives fault ever, then they need to change, and theres alot of horrible attitudes that go along with that addiction, so it’s the attitudes in the end that need to change even if they stop with the porn. Most men in the church have the scripture down that we should meet his need so he doesn’t get tempted, but the Bible is so much more about love first, and if he ain’t lovin her then things need to change, and it’s amazing how fast things can change when you cut them off. I figure if the wife is still married to him with this addiction then it’s time for him to change. So you really can’t sum it all up into one category, it’s great if you have an awesome husband, but for others, sorry it’s 100% from both or you both make sacrifices. you don’t need to post this, just sayin!! oh and more sex doesn’t help the addict.

April 5th, 2011
11:50 am

Stacey V,

thank you for writing! I emailed, but haven’t heard back – i’d love to discuss all of this more, but it’s probably better suited to email. I will say, though, that i was referring to women who withhold sex in order to manipulate their husbands. You can’t have known that, of course, since I wasn’t specific – but that was the context intended.
HolyMama! recently posted..Warning- Unsafe for Human Contact Today

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