Tuesday, April 5th 2011
Bendaroo Rash Strikes Back

I didn’t really get into the details behind the Mystery Rash that overtook my world last week.  And OH YES, it really did.


The Mystery Rash is back and we might as well record its absurdity for blog posterity.

Last Wednesday afternoon the kids played with Bendaroos at my mom’s house. I had slept really badly the night before and when my mom offered her bed – with a bright sunbeam slashing happily across the comforter – I faceplanted  in the heat of that sunbeam for an hour. While I was faceplanted in a sunbeam, Seth-5yr was telling everyone else how to play with Bendaroos FOR him. He doesn’t like the way they feel, and didn’t really want to touch them, you see.  But my mom, Caden-7yr and Ethan-10yr played with them.

Caden-7yr was not the same for many days.

He developed awful red rashes on his hands, arms, legs and they were largely unresponsive to my 4 tier approach of anti-itch cream, Benadryl, washing absolutely everything, and oatmeal baths.  I talked to the teachers. I talked to the school nurse. There was much texting on rash status. The child even  missed a little bit of school over the Bendaroo Rash.

Finally. FINALLY. We conquered the rash. It took 4 days.


Then today there was a Freak Accident Involving Bendaroos.

When we conquered the rash, we did not discuss future self defense strategies for Bendaroos. I just said, “don’t ever touch those again,” and also, my mom threw them away.  Mission accomplished, right?

So today, Caden-7yr is standing in the parking lot at school and what does he see approaching him?

An entire class of 2nd graders carrying projects made with Bendaroos.


Caden-7yr is an upfront and honest little guy about his reality – whatever reality is in question. That’s just who he is. He whipped out an extra pair of underwear at Cracker Barrel the other day and handed them across the table to Mike because they were in his pocket. He will tell it like it is, that child. So Caden-7yr sees the 2nd graders and announces, “I AM ALLERGIC. DO NOT TOUCH ME WITH YOUR BENDAROOS, PLEASE.”

(I LOVE that about him. Oh, so cute.)

If he’d kept his thoroughly adorable and upfront/honest mouth SHUT, they wouldn’t have dreamed of touching him with their Bendaroos. But since he suggested it… and since of course he’s kidding, because WHAT? What kid is allergic to Bendaroos?! Because of all of THAT, these darling 2nd graders WIPED their Bendaroo Projects all over a horrified Caden-7yr.  Obviously, they didn’t mean to cause any harm.

Caden-7yr gave me the play by play on the drive home. “The rash is on one arm. Now the rash is on two arms. We have rash on two arms and one leg. Okay… we have two legs with rash now.”

I texted the teacher, gave him Benadryl and an oatmeal bath, and googled for other blogs on the subject. They exist, but not many. Caden-7yr doesn’t have sensitive skin. He doesn’t have many/any allergies. Just this one.

My mom asked if I had seen this all go down in the parking lot. And NO, thank you GOD, I did not see this. I would have thrown the car in park and jumped out and made such a spectacle of myself that none of my children would ever live it down. Can’t you just picture that?  The Day Mom Threw Her Body Between Caden-7yr And The 2nd Graders With Bendaroo Projects.

Oh, the horror.

* WikkiStix are fine. Totally different. No icky rash-inducing residue. In case future googlers are interested in my thoughts on the matter.


4 Comments on “Bendaroo Rash Strikes Back”

April 5th, 2011
8:33 pm

What in the world? That’s crazy. I wonder what the difference between Bendaroos and WikkiStix is?

Jennifer Sullivan
April 5th, 2011
11:09 pm

Yikes, not good! I wonder if there is something like latex or something in them? Or the dye? The first thing I did was google Bendaroo allergies and of course you came up first and second…. But on the BBB website they don’t have a good rating… Too bad. Poor kid allergic to fun… I can’t use Play-doh, it contains wheat.
Jennifer Sullivan recently posted..7…It’s my B-day- oh &amp I’m pregnant

April 6th, 2011
12:41 pm

Poor Caden. I hope he’s feeling better soon.
emily recently posted..Ever feel this way

April 6th, 2011
10:38 pm

A kick boxing mom with Bendaroo bullies? Go for it, girlfriend.

Having offered that word of encouragement, I have to ask. What are Bendaroos? Is this a regional thing? A west Texas critter that we don’t have in Ohio? Do tell… and glad all is well.

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