Tuesday, April 26th 2011
Jack Asked

*Caden-7yr reads aloud for homework. He does this a few times a week, and we both enjoy it. But today he’s reading some story that repeats the unfortunate phrase, “Jack asked.” It kinda does not sound like “Jack asked” when Caden-7yr reads it. Over and over. Did the author NOT read that aloud? I completely cracked up and fell apart after the 3rd or 4th “Jack asked” and stunned Caden-7yr, who was a bit bored with the story. And it was boring – except for the hilarity of all the “Jack askeds”  there really wasn’t anything special going on in that story.

*The cat is following in the example of the dog and is running around naked. Duke alarmed the boys by stripping and leaving his collar discarded in the backyard. We found the cat’s collar on the living room floor just now. He might be protesting because it’s baby pink and silver. I got tired of not being able to buy girly things for a child or a pet and just went ahead and made the cat a crossdresser last year and started buying pink, girly collars. Mike was the only one who objected.

*I’m happily finishing up classes and spending much more time outside with plants and seeds and weeds and flowers. I LOVE this time of year. Except the other day Seth-5yr found a hibernating frog. Mike said that Seth-5yr picked it up and its eyes rolled back in its head as if to say, “oooh, i’m still so tired, please put me back.” Which he did. I was hoping the frogs were GONE. Last year they totally took over and we had to catch and release them elsewhere by the hundreds. Maybe that sleeping one is lonely.  No friends. The Lone Ranger of Frogs.

*It’s really windy here. As it often is.  Not breezy. WINDY. Wind here will knock you down,  steal anything in your yard that is not bolted down, and dry up any water the farmers have managed to get into the soil. We’re really not supposed to like the wind. It’s politically correct to gripe about the wind. It creates wildfire hazards, blows dirt until there’s no visibility, and it’s kinda an all around pain. But, secretly, I do like the wind. I also like turbulence, though, and for a similar reason. Both can shake you up and make you take notice of your surroundings in a new, somewhat exciting way- I appreciate that quality. Just going outside to get the mail is an adventure because you might get hit by something, or you might get blown off course if you’re not careful.

I suppose if 1st grade homework, wind, sleeping frogs, and gender bendering the cat are the things on my mind… I have a fairly dull life. Good thing I like it like that.


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April 26th, 2011
7:31 pm

“Jack asked” is hard to say even for me. I can imagine it would be nearly impossible for a 7 yr old. Maybe the author was bored with her own book and decided to add “Jack asked” as a joke between her and the parents who had to listen to their kids read the book.

I wanted to get Raspberry (Razz) a raspberry pink collar to match her name. She’s a girl dog, but Dave would still have none of that. Apparently even girl dogs aren’t allowed to wear girl colors in his world.
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April 26th, 2011
9:12 pm

I have totally had a day where I met several people who Jack asked around. As a matter of fact, I think I just may get a license plate or bumper sticker, then maybe they will laugh as they read it instead of giving me the Hawaiian good luck sign……

April 27th, 2011
11:44 pm


I’d LOVE to hear dave’s reasoning on this one?! Sounds perfectly literal and lovely to me to give a Raspberry dog a raspberry collar!

oooh, sorry.

April 29th, 2011
5:25 am

I think it has something to do with a dog being a “man’s” best friend. He thinks a dog is a manly pet and therefore shouldn’t have a girly-colored collar. He’s okay with the little handkerchiefs they tie around her neck when she gets a bath at the vet. But they’re more seasonal, a.k.a. not pink.
Geekwif recently posted..Jane Eyre Again And Other Books

May 1st, 2011
10:40 am

Oh I can so relate. So far, I have bought Sissy a pink and lavender winter jacket, a purple knit sweater, and two pink collars–one with flowers, and one with bling–plus a pink leash. I’ve been debating whether to knit her a pink blankie, or make her a pink quilt. It’s soooo much fun dressing a little girly dog!
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May 4th, 2011
12:44 pm

Just yesterday I bought our male cat a new collar because he broke his old red one. The new collar is purple…the tag that goes on it is a pink heart.

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