Wednesday, April 20th 2011
Write What You Know (or whatever it is you can’t stop thinking about)

I really need to write something that has nothing to do with head injuries. That’s all I think about. And later I have to write a term paper on the bias against male victims of female perpetrated crimes and THAT will be about as much fun as thinking long and hard about concussions so let’s not talk about anything like that for just a second here, please and thank you?

*I saw a welcome mat blowing down the road earlier. It was a sad, sad sight. Here, you better buy the really thick and heavy welcome mats or this is what happens. It was probably the welcome mat from the home of a happy couple who just moved in from another part of the state and had no idea that their mat was not suitable for our winds.  Maybe it will keep going until it finds another front porch of a home far far away in a less windy land. Or it’ll burn up in a wildfire.

*A friend had a baby yesterday. I’ve seen one camera phone type picture, but really, you can just tell – this baby girl is GORGEOUS. Perfect. Adorable. Baby. I think I really need to hold her soon.

**** Okay.

I give up. I can’t do it. I got two points on a sad little list and then stared at the computer forever because all I could think of were head injury things. So yeah, giving up.

And NOW, a Head Injury Story:

Yesterday I took a break from helping Ethan-11yr with his math homework to go watch Caden-7yr do a “trick” on his bike on the basketball court. I was going to be outside for less than five minutes. But when Ethan-11yr asked if he could come, I thought about it and said no. It just didn’t seem like the safest place for him. Better leave him in the carpeted living room with the furniture with too many pillows, right?

So Caden-7yr does something on his bike that makes my heart stop, and I clap and pretend not to be worried, and then go inside. Ethan-11yr is holding his head and he’s in pain. He tripped. The dog got excited over the idea of going outside and then bumped into Ethan-11yr’s head because he was already on the ground, having just tripped.

Some things just can’t be predicted or prevented, even when there’s a hypervigilant mommy type on duty.

I really wish that weren’t true.


3 Comments on “Write What You Know (or whatever it is you can’t stop thinking about)”

April 20th, 2011
2:32 pm

Oh dear. I could see where you were heading with this story (no pun intended, then I saw it and decided to leave it) and was hoping you would take a sudden detour but nope, you ended up right where I thought you might. I’m sorry. I do wish you were in a NON head injury phase right now. And I’m sure Ethan does too, poor little guy.

Does make you reconsider the fashion-forwardness of helmets as everyday accessories, no?

April 20th, 2011
5:32 pm

Bless your heart. Praying for you all.
Jan recently posted..Sissy

Jennifer Sullivan
April 20th, 2011
9:58 pm

Maybe his equilibrium is off. Would he be offended if you wrapped him in a bubble wrap for a few weeks? Poor kiddo. Still praying.

On a side note I hope you are not too near the wildfires.
Jennifer Sullivan recently posted..I’m not crazy- ‘kay maybe just a little

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