Tuesday, May 17th 2011
Baby Shark Goes to the Dentist

I am beaten and bruised, with small cuts and scrapes on my hands and feet, my toenails are chipped and every muscle hurts. Perfect. When all of that is self imposed through way too many various workouts in short periods of time, YEA.

When some of the bruises on my feet are from my children stomping on my flipflopped feet while they’re wearing cleats… no. Not perfect. THOSE bruises I resent. The ones from some serious kicking? Those I adore.

Caden-7yr is coming home from the dentist soon. He’ll be in some pain, but he too will be thrilled. He IS thrilled. Mike just told me. For some reason, Caden-7yr’s teeth do not fall out. Like, at all. They stay firmly in place until he has a weird double row of teeth, much like an adorable blue eyed, baby shark.

So he’s 7 and 1/4years old, and has had 4 teeth pulled now, and none have just fallen out the old fashioned, inexpensive way.

Mike takes him for these appointments largely because I am anti-tooth pulling. I would throw myself across my precious  baby shark and beg for more time for them to just fall out “in God’s time” or something completely embarrassing like that. (Yes. I’m THAT mother.) It reminds me of how I wouldn’t submit to the induced labor concept, even though my babies always arrive very LATE on the scene because 9 months was just not long enough, right? My womb must have been a luxury suite with a rockin minibar, because they all requested a late check-out time. Ethan-11yr was at least a week late, and Caden-7yr stayed put and grew to 9 pounds before I decided maybe pitocin wasn’t so bad after all.

I wanted those babies to show up at an hour not scheduled by man. Quaint, right? And I want their teeth to fall out at an hour not decided by man. There’s just something to be said for natural timing.

Mainly, it’s NATURAL.

But Caden-7yr’s ego is also involved and he’s very aware of how many of his peers and even those kids in younger grades are already losing teeth left and right without any problem, and he has felt… behind. Left out of a rite of passage.

So he will GLADLY volunteer to have his teeth yanked out, and in fact begs for his dentist appointments to be set in a timely manner so that he is not more toothed than necessary.  These appointments amount to a worthwhile pain, in his opinion.

He has new gaps in his smile, complete with deep holes where the long, intact tooth roots were. He has the pride of having done this without having “a shot” first. (why? why, Mike? at least give the baby shark a stab with a tranquilizer dart) And he’s so eager to go to baseball practice in a little bit, even though he’s just home from the dentist and could take a night off if he wanted. I’m bruised and sore and a mess, myself, but I think I’ll go with him and go for a run while he’s busy.

We might look a little worse for wear, but we have a certain understanding.  He feels the same way about the holes in his gums as I do about my hard earned bruises. They’re  just worth it.

updated to add: the dentist insists the teeth be pulled. i would insist otherwise. but it isn’t just parents indulging the ego of a 7 yr old. it’s professional advice that the teeth get pulled. in case that wasn’t clear.


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May 17th, 2011
7:39 pm

Scott, our firts. was due 4 July. His birthday is 3 Aug. Jeana was due Aug. 27. her birthday is 3 OCT. I was totally ready for some manmade intervention!! Although I originally wanted to go au natuaral, I finally took my grandmother’s advice, and drank a bottle of cod liver oil and orange juice. 2 hours later, voila!
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Jennifer Sullivan
May 17th, 2011
11:02 pm

Ummm, ya’ll are scaring me with the baby’s staying put stories. I am up for that baby poppin’ out right on time. Baby Shark gave me all sorts of cute little thoughts of a lil shark with big giant chompers sitting in the dentist chair with the paper thingy clipped around his “neck” with a big shark smile on his face…. I may never think of Caden as a boy again!
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May 18th, 2011
9:50 am


that is not EVEN all right?! MAN! Good thing Jeana is so amazing that she sort of makes up for that tardiness just by being who she is… and having a talent for producing smart, funny, cute grandkids, right?! : )

I kinda thought about you and that post as I was falling asleep last night and worried a little… and then saw this comment and realized that YES – that is the sort of thing that might upset a first time mommy and I’m sorry! not my intent! But really, drs these days do NOT let the baby overstay the womb. If you get one of those types, they will be scheduling an inducement or begging you to consent so that they can. I was just stubborn. All will go VERY WELL. You’ll be fine. I can’t wait to see pictures!

May 18th, 2011
11:29 am

Wait, Ethan was only a week late? I guess we spent the whole 5-6 weeks before he arrived hoping he’d just magically appear so it seemed a lot longer…

May 18th, 2011
12:40 pm

1 week at least, 2 weeks exactly if going by a different due date. OH! and also, we were factoring in that you and I were BOTH 2-3 weeks early, so we were just really hoping that would matter!

May 18th, 2011
4:52 pm

Oh, I’m right there with ya. Hate the thought of my kid’s teeth being pulled. And I’m paddling upstream here… only a matter of time before my 3 year old gets an injured tooth extracted. (By the way, I found this Mom’s Guide to be helpful in dealing with our tooth drama.) Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!! I’m feeling a little encouraged.

May 18th, 2011
9:03 pm

Now that she has two teenagers, she has called several times to apologize for being a difficult child, and once to ask why didn’t I just kill her when she was 14? Oh, yeah, I an TOTALLY enjoying the grandkids!
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May 20th, 2011
6:05 am

I like natural too. Man’s way scares me and makes me wonder just how wise we all really are to be doing these things our way instead of the natural way… But two rows of teeth, lol. I definitely understand the need for intervention!! Poor guy.

My first baby was 10 days past his due date. But I think he must have stolen all the luxury features from my womb because the next one was early and the last one was right on time. It’s really incredible how the symbolism of that picture seems to be true to life. My oldest always takes everything out of me, demands the best and gets the most. The other two just stand by quietly, with enormous eyes like little beggar kids, “please sir, can I have sum ‘ore”?
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May 20th, 2011
4:19 pm

Excellent link! am bookmarking – thank you!! (best of luck with the 3 yr old, too)
that cracks me up because those particular kids…? are AWESOME.
ha! HAhahahHA. Oh, funny. Birth order can do that to kids. have you read the books on that phenomenon. (i did years ago, but cannot fathom having the time or interest now to revisit the subject. )

your comment reminded me that Seth-5yr didn’t exactly want to show up, either. they induced, and he was all, WHAT? Pitocin, shmitocin. I will NOT come out voluntarily. And they broke the water, and he was totally chill. WHATEVER. You want contractions? I DON”T THINK SO. I am not READY. And then they were totally stuck, because once the water breaks, the kid HAS to come out. So they gave me varying doses of pitocin, including way over the normally allowable levels, ALL DAY LONG and then finally he caved. even today he’s usually unperturbed, totally zen, and can hold out for his own terms no matter what.

May 20th, 2011
9:45 pm

LOL! He sounds like a cool kid. I hope he never caves to bad peer pressure, either.
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