Monday, May 23rd 2011

*writing students…. please go HERE first*

I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you AT ALL, but the thing is… I forget what I write as soon as I write it. Characters, conflicts, entire plot lines, and certainly all blog posts. Which is why they sometimes seem repetitive. I forget what I tell y’all. So I can accidentally write something completely VILE and leave it at the top of my site for awhile and just have no idea. SO sorry.  If you noticed. And if you didn’t, nevermind.

It’s the last full day of school and I have a million things i need to be doing, and really nothing to say, but I just noticed that whole forgotten nasty post and HAD to fix it. Right? Right.

So I’ll tell you a quick kid story and then go finish my stuff before zipping down the freeway to grab the kids.

Cute Story, Shamelessly Designed to Distract You From Earlier Blog Grossness:

This was the year in which the children broke out in countless, infinite, way too many rashes to count. Often at school. Often resulting in Sheila, the nurse, calling me and discussing various rashy symptoms as I drove to school.

Before we knew the cause of the Bendaroo Rash, it was highly mysterious. Caden-7yr was worried out of his mind that he was covered in a rash that no one understood how to treat or define or contain. And that’s understandable. At one point he and I were sitting on the edge of my bathtub, where the afternoon light is most favorable for rash inspection purposes, and his stress was overwhelming. It consumed him, that afternoon.  It has been an ongoing condition, and his patience and peace was just gone.

His little chin quivered. His eyes were watery. His eyebrows came together a little and he said, pitifully, “I just… I just hope it isn’t leprosy.”

I laughed right in his heartbroken, serious little face. And then the tears he’d been holding back fell down his pale face, and I hugged him while he cried and while I laughed. But seriously? Was there any other thing to do?

I love my kids’ school – but that particular week it was just bad timing to come down with a mystery rash when the curriculum included Jesus healing the lepers.

When we finally figured out it was from the Bendaroos, he was so relieved that he would say, “oh this is just my bendaroo rash. not leprosy AT ALL,” in case anyone wondered.

(7 is a great age, isn’t it?)


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May 23rd, 2011
8:25 pm

That is one of those priceless mommy memories! I am still laughing, but bless his little heart, how awful for him to carry that fear around with him for even a minute!
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