Sunday, May 29th 2011
I Miss Harvest Gold

The milk goes bad. Constantly.

It reminds me of the refrigerator we had before this one and the drama that included constant appointments with repairmen. It would either get too warm or freeze everything solid. I preferred the freeze everything solid end of the spectrum. We needed it to completely freak out and require serious repairs with replacement parts FOUR times in a calendar year in order to use the “lemon” clause of our warranty and get rid of it. These four repairs did NOT include any time that the repairman fixed it and then I called again within 2 weeks, because that was considered the same problem and not a new, separate issue. Even if it was.

I hated that refrigerator. It eventually became our stainless steel, side-by-side, BOTH sides are a freezer thing in the garage. It’s much happier in this role, and fairly consistent now.

We did research.  I didn’t want one with a freezer drawer because at the time, I couldn’t be completely sure that a child would not somehow voluntarily or involuntarily be frozen solid in a game gone wrong. Children are so unpredictable, and I just couldn’t be sure. We picked a different brand of side by side, and had no trouble for a few years. Except when the delivery guy dropped it on the kitchen island and broke a ceramic floor tile and gouged a deep line down the island. Both of which are still there, harmless reminders of the drama that surrounds refrigeration in our home. Refrigeration should not REALLY be so difficult in 2011, should it?

I don’t drink milk. Don’t eat cereal. Only consume milk when it’s been used in a recipe and cooked into something very un-milk-like.

But my children are serious milk chuggers. Some pediatrician along the way told me to start giving one of the scrawnier kids Ovaltine. Years ago. Like something out of the 70s. It must have been Kim or Ethan when they were really little. I stopped hanging on every pediatrician-uttered word some time after that, and then after THAT, I stopped really caring enough to drive the kids all the way across town to even SEE a real pediatrician, and… eh. Is medical advice for otherwise healthy children REALLY worth the hassle of that parking garage and walking across a skybridge while carrying an infant carrier? I think not.

But the kids’ addiction to Ovaltine was already established – a reminder to this day of the era in which I would pore over child rearing books and seriously apply any and all advice given by a pediatrician. Back when my mothering was conscientious to THAT degree. (Oh, that makes me laugh, now. Especially because all my trying didn’t help the kid who received all that extra maternal effort and energy and parenting principles.)

After that fateful visit with the pediatrician and the horrendous parking garage, milk was needed in ever increasing quantities. The refrigerators didn’t keep up with the doctor’s orders. And why does only the milk go bad?

It’s worse now that the kids are off school for the summer. The milk consumption rate will increase. It will require shuffling milk in and out of our stupid refrigerator inside and the previous stupid refrigerator outside. One too hot, one too cold. Calling and trying to set up appointments with my old friend, the refrigerator repair guy who I really REALLY never wanted to see again.

To be fair, he probably didn’t ever want to see me again, either. Because, as you can tell, I am a JOY when irritated with refrigeration issues, and no one knows it better than that guy.

When I was growing up, we had this Harvest Gold refrigerator. For my ENTIRE childhood. Long after everyone else had moved on to white or off-white or black refrigerators, we had this reliable, always the right temperature, ugly as anything yellow-gold refrigerator. The flyswatter stayed in the gap between the fridge and the oven. When my sister and I were little, and we wanted to gross ourselves out we’d reach back in that gap and pull out the flyswatter and look at the mangled dead fly bodies. Then we’d put it back and not dream of touching the nastiness because we were GIRLS and oh my gosh I forgot how great that must have been. Mom? Are you reading this? That’s what LaLa and I did when you weren’t around and we were feeling naughty. We LOOKED at a flyswatter and then we put it back. You’re WELCOME.  Good Lord, but we were little Texas angels.

Today is the first day I have ever appreciated or missed that refrigerator. That gold fridge was GORGEOUS – I just didn’t know it. It worked. It ALWAYS worked. I don’t remember it ever needing to be repaired. We never got rid of it. I think it got sold with the house. Those people who bought that house got a hidden, glorious asset in that ugly refrigerator and I hope they realized it.

My stainless refrigerators are pretty, but I’d gladly trade the both of them out for that old yellow one that actually worked.

*I just dumped a lot of milk that was still ‘in date.’ I hate doing that. Can you tell?

*I grew up to be a flyswatter cleanliness freak. If we HAVE to use it, and only in emergencies, then it needs to be cloroxed and rinsed and put back perfectly clean. But really… I’m fine with the flies just flying around. It has to be a veritable fly SWARM – a swarm that is threatening to procreate inside – before I’ll break out the flyswatter.


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Sherilyn -Dominee Huisvrouw
May 29th, 2011
5:34 pm

If your milk goes bad & is in date, you might be able to return to to the store. Worth a try!
Sherilyn -Dominee Huisvrouw recently posted..Sunday Pictures

Jennifer Sullivan
May 29th, 2011
10:48 pm

I so know the fridge you are talking about. In fact we have that fridge, from 1984 in our garage right now and it works better than any other appliance in our home (all other appliances are within 5 years old). I posted the pics of it on my blog. Although not harvest gold, it is the cream colored one, that kinda has a yellow tint to it, but that could be age. I couldn’t help myself. Everything is better when it comes from that fridge! I even ran into it with the truck and it still works perfectly!
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Nurse Chris
May 30th, 2011
6:47 am

That is so funny! We had the same fridge when I was little!

May 30th, 2011
9:16 am

I hate taking my kids to a pediatrician too. If you’ve been to more than one, you know they all have their own different opinions on everything. So…if they all have different opinions, then which one is right? And if all the others are wrong and I’m probably going to one of the wrong ones, why is their opinion any better than mine? That kind of flawed logic is what I base my life choices on.

Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t bother swatting flies. My grandmother is a very devout fly swatter. If there’s one in the house, she must track it down and kill it. This is time consuming when you have her speed and accuracy rating. I can’t really understand the urgency to do this when you keep your house as clean as she does. IF you kept your house as clean as I did in California, then I understand why you can’t let one fly be loose in your house…

And the refrigerator issue just completely confirms what I’ve believed about appliances for a long time. They MAKE them to break. They WANT them to break. They don’t care about us and only want more of our money.

I promise I’m not a jaded person on the outside. It’s just these secret dark thoughts I only share when corresponding through your blog.
Michele recently posted..Happy Birthday Red Fox

May 30th, 2011
2:35 pm

Yes, I am reading. I recall when you and Lala wanted to be naughty you made the same silly face to each other involving tongues, crossed eyes and exposed lower teeth. It was also one of the most hilarious things the two of you did.

May 30th, 2011
5:55 pm

We had a refrigerator like that, but it was avocado green. Back then, appliances lasted at least 20 years. Nowadays, we are lucky to make it 5 years. Within the past month we had to replace a window unit, a dishwasher, and a printer (the printer was less than a year old).
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May 31st, 2011
6:24 pm

Yeah, J-Mom, that was a pretty hilarious face. Ugly. But hilarious. We were really not very inventive when it came to being naughty.

K, I thought you left the flies in the house so Charlo would have something to do. Doesn’t he love catching them, slobbering them to death and then leaving their sodden little carcasses around? He’s much better than a flyswatter.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has had as much bad luck with refrigerators as you have had. We need to get you in the loop with some good fridge karma, whatever it takes.

May 31st, 2011
10:27 pm

FASCINATING. I’d feel bad, since the issue isn’t really the fault of the store… but very interesting. i’m generally awful about returns. even when there is NO doubt that i should return something, and i miraculously still have the receipt… it often doesn’t happen.

thank you!!! i loved those pics!!!

Nurse Chris,
takes ya back, right?

i’m actually QUITE flattered by the last part of that comment, and never think of you as dark or jaded anyway.

there was NOTHING funny about that. That particular look meant pure, unadulterated sister hate. we only broke out that face a few times a YEAR. That is how serious it was. (but yeah, it probably *looked* hilarious. it was NOT.)

My grandmother had the avocado green one!!! LOVED it!

yeah, but sometimes he acts like a cat and sleeps for hours and is too lazy to spit them to death. when he’s awake and productive, he IS much better than a flyswatter, that’s true. sweet of you to remember this talent!

YEAH! Hook me up with good fridge karma!

June 5th, 2011
9:54 am

Ours was avocado green, but my friends had a harvest gold one. They upgraded to beige sometime in the 80s. That beige fridge was the talk of the town until someone else got a black one. We were all very impressed.

June 6th, 2011
4:35 pm

“the beige fridge was the talk of the town…” SO funny. I actually remember a similar thing happening in our circle of friends, but i just can’t remember who the trendsetting family was.

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June 8th, 2011
2:23 pm

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