Wednesday, May 18th 2011
Running With Prairie Dogs

Today is a day off. Today, there shall be nothing involving muscles, and that includes laundry, cleaning, and lifting kids. No gyms. I joined another one a couple of weeks back, because I HAD to follow Amee when she quit working for my gym. No one else inflicts pain like she does, this tiny little buff instructor who just makes everything so incredibly difficult that it hurts to breathe before class ends.

No one else is as brutal as Amee. I hurt so much I cannot be near her style of pain today. There were exchanges of messages this morning, via internet. But virtual contact is as close as I get.

I went running while Caden-7yr practiced baseball last night. No big deal. I only wanted to run 2 quick miles around the neighborhood where his practice was, rather than sit in a car and worry about him getting his newly redesigned mouth injured by a baseball. The coaches made him put on a catcher’s helmet. Nothing will impress an overprotective mommy more than an idea like that. I was so glad.

And relieved enough that he was in good hands and I didn’t need to stay and obsess, so I went for that run. Sure, i was sore and bruised already, but it was just a run through a really nice neighborhood with overflowing, blooming flowerbeds. What could POSSIBLY happen?

I could fall down a prairie dog hole.

Oh yes. I really, really could.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, because prairie dog holes can be MUCH bigger than you’d think.  I was running down an unpaved alley. I like to do that when I get tired or bored, because the dogs on both sides will bark at you and get a little mean sounding and it just gives a little extra inspiration to keep going, right? So it was intentional, this running down an unpaved alley decision.

In MY neighborhood, there are not prairie dog holes in the alleys. It did not occur to me to look for those. I have never SEEN a prairie dog hole in an alley.

My left leg (geez, always the left leg) went down that hole almost to my knee and it HURT. The whole stupid incident just HURT. I fell and scraped and bruised and yanked my foot out of the hole because I did NOT want to find out what the standard prairie dog reaction is to such a security breech. They are rodent-y. Their underground complexes are vast, and none of them seemed to be in the vicinity of this particular entrance at the time. Thank God.


No lasting damage, I think. Just some serious soreness and an attitude problem are all that is left today.

As for Caden-7yr, at the end of practice he was allowed to take off the catcher’s helmet and he promptly ran face-first into a fence. That’s my baby.  This resulted in some serious soreness. We dragged our sorry selves home and tried (and failed) not to whine until we went to sleep.

But the flowerbeds were gorgeous, the run was mostly done by the time I fell down the hole, and it was still better than sitting in a hot car watching a kid who just came back from the dentist faceplant into a fence.*

*I was trying to end on a positive note.**

** But it was kinda lame, anyway, and don’t think I don’t know it.***

***It’s that i really don’t have anything more positive than that to end on, lame though it is.****

****But aren’t asterisks cheerful looking? I think so.  Like cheery little stars.


I TRIED. DUDE, I SOOOOO TRIED FOR POSITIVE. I like happy endings. I just have such a bad attitude with sore muscles that it HURTS to open the refrigerator because when did it get so dang HEAVY and OW with the walking and the, like, SHOWERING? MAN, that stuff hurts all of a sudden and the row of asterisks may not seem like positive or like a happy ending, but HEY. I CENTERED them neatly in the middle of the screen, and let’s just give credit for THAT instead. If we cant have positive, then let’s have centered little asterisks. GAH.


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May 18th, 2011
1:23 pm

Although you and I have vastly different attitudes to the self-induced pain of over-exercise, we are EXACTLY in accord when it comes to sticking a limb down a prairie dog hole. Those animals are cute when you’re in a car whizzing past at 50 mph; defending their caves against invasive feet? Not so cute. Possibly terrifying. Definitely time to get out of there fast and go be klutzy/whiny with the offspring. You are very wise.

May 19th, 2011
1:24 am

So funny! I know how your son feels, I ran into a door tonight and completely ripped off 50% of my big toenail. It was really dark down the hallway and I thought the bedroom door was open until I walked right into it. Dang.

May 19th, 2011
9:30 am

Since I am the girl who routinely trips over her own feet, I can feel your pain!

May 20th, 2011
5:56 am

LOL! The ending.

I hope you’re okay. Sounds like you probably bent your knee backwards amidst all that. That always hurts bad. You walk around feeling like an involuntary Gumby afterwards. :S
Michele recently posted..The Farm Life

May 20th, 2011
4:12 pm

thank you. exactly.

Angie! OW!???!!! i’m scrunching my feet into my shoes in sympathy, and it is totally involuntary and i can’t stop it.

you and me, girl!

yep! it’s back to normal, but it did take a couple days… yuck

May 22nd, 2011
9:09 am

Rodents are my sworn enemy despite the fact that I had pet hamsters when I was a kid. We don’t have prairie dogs here, but the gophers are doing their darndest to drive me insane. How is it that such small critters can be so devious and dangerous? Hope you and Caden-7yr are feeling better soon.
Geekwif recently posted..Jane Eyre Again And Other Books

May 23rd, 2011
5:49 pm

So hoping you & your son are A-Ok today. I rolled my ankle on a sewer grate. Still dealing with the fallout of that injury. But at least you hurt yourself in an impressive way. Almost up to your knee?!

Like I said, hoping that the damage was minimal & that are all better now.
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