Wednesday, July 20th 2011
So Peaceful We’re Attracting New Bird Species

Yesterday’s spa treatment for the boys was a complete success. Naps everywhere. Rested, content children.

I was standing in the kitchen finishing dinner preparations when Seth-5yr – rested and content – came in and saw me chopping veggies. His contentedness evaporated.  ”What? Are? You? Doing?” he asked, his eyes wide and concerned and he put one hand on my hip, reaching out to make contact in this moment of personal stress.

“I’m making dinner.”

“But…? But what will I eat for dinner?”

This might not make sense to you. But it made perfect sense to me. Seth-5yr was genuinely concerned about his next meal because if I was cooking, then it automatically follows that he will not like it and will have to seriously negotiate his way into an alternate meal plan that is more acceptable to him.

I was cooking, therefore, he feared he would starve. Lovely.

Because he’d napped and was really only trying to honestly problem-solve the issue, I laughed at him and told him it was dad’s call, since I wasn’t going to be home. He looked relieved at this.

Mike must have said something to the kids about this, because all three of them told me how great dinner was and thanked me for cooking. That does not EVER happen. Usually, I’m lucky if 1 out of 3 chokes it down without too many complaints. 1 out of 4 if Mike is home. Today Caden-7yr asked for leftovers for lunch, and I’m not even kidding about that.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I made the kids egg/bacon/cheese burritos and Caden-7yr came to the table and – before sitting – touched the bacon with one very skeptical finger and asked, “Mom, did you try your hardest to make the bacon soft? Because it’s crispy, and I don’t like crispy.”

I looked at him. I inhaled. I exhaled. Like they make you do in yoga. Very cleansing-like. “Caden-7yr. I am going to set the timer in the kitchen for 5 minutes and if you are ready to come back to the table with a different attitude when you hear it go off, you may come out of your room. If you need more time, then you should stay in there.”  My words were slow and quiet and the other two boys were big-eyed and extra polite.

“What? I just asked if you tried your hardest? That’s all!”

I pointed to his room before he could start quoting scripture about doing all things as if unto the Lord, including cooking bacon to the perfect standards of a finicky 7 yr old.  I did not yell at him that I was a fish eating vegetarian type and he was SO lucky to even HAVE bacon. I needed those five minutes.

THAT is what it is usually like when I cook around here. Children are horrified and fear for their futures, or they find fault with the food before even tasting it.

Yesterday was one peaceful ride, though. Caden-7yr discovered his newfound love of raw broccoli and ate it off everyone else’s salads as well as his own. Mike generously gave his up for the child.

It was a  GOOD afternoon/evening around here yesterday! Also, hummingbirds spotted for first time at this house. Hummingbirds make everything better, right? We put out feeders and I have waited with total impatience at the window, awaiting their return.

Strangely, even though we didn’t Spa it up today, the peacefulness has held on. The boys are being kind to each other without my asking and no one has gotten seriously hurt (besides Caden-7yr’s usual ramming into walls and doorframes), and they all went to sleep for their naps again today without any problem. I don’t know how long this can last. But I REALLY like it.

I bought a really cute apron. I might cook more.

In which case, we’ll need all the peace and naps and kindness we can get.


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July 20th, 2011
5:40 pm

Last summer we had bunches of hummingbirds, but this year, only a few. Maybe it’s the heat; I don’t know.
I have a really cute apron pattern, if you want to borrow it. And lots of easy recipes, if you need any.

July 20th, 2011
5:58 pm

I didn’t really catch much after the talk of crispy bacon, because I was so distracted by the thought of crispy bacon. There is nothing – make that very little – in this world that I love more than crispy bacon. I would gladly eat Caden-7yr’s crispy bacon if he doesn’t want it. I might even give him my broccoli, though I’d have to think about it – I really like broccoli too.

Glad the peace is lasting. I hope you get at least a good few days out of the spa day.

Sherilyn -Dominee Huisvrouw
July 20th, 2011
7:30 pm

Oh man, I can totally relate. My 5 yr old son does the same thing, complains without even knowing what we’re having. I recently wrote a post about it too. I’ve been figuring it’s a phase, but I’m not prepared for it to last YEARS!!!

Mother T
July 21st, 2011
6:30 am

I have a good friend who decided to become a vegetarian during this last semester of college. Her family has really NOT appreciated the changes she has made (her mother in particular), but I have been in her corner rooting her on. (I’m not a vegetarian, but I believe that every one needs to make their own choices.) Your children may not appreciate your cooking right now, but who knows what the future holds.

I love the fact that you have hummingbirds! I think they are so beautiful, but I’ve not seen a single one around my house in the 10 years we’ve owned it.

July 21st, 2011
10:22 am

Caden-7yr quoting Scripture over bacon. Your kids have got it too good!

I hate figuring out what to make evey night. So it’s a good thing Lean Cuisine has done the work for me. Not so good for kids, but we would starve without it!

I like the time out/kitchen timer connection. Clever and noteworthy…

Hugs… : )

July 21st, 2011
1:11 pm

easy recipes… maybe. apron PATTERN? Those are two terribly intimidating words that imply sewing!!! But thank you!

i used to LOVE crispy bacon, too. why in the world does the child like soft bacon?!

coming to check out that post!

Mother T,
what a nice friend you are!! i’m not a good cook – the kids have a point. but they can make it respectfully next time!

LOVE lean cuisine. i’m all about the convenience factor.

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