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Quick Trip

August 15th, 2011 at 11:54 pm » Comments (4)

So I left that horse-y post there forever. Sorry about that. I meant to post something else before leaving town for a few days and just forgot.

It was a fantastic, short trip in which we saw a whole lotta relatives and relatives’ boyfriends and a stepbrother I hadn’t seen in ages and it was ALL so very good.

A few highlights:

Seth-5yr, antsy-pantsy after being in the car for more than 6 hours decides to start happily shrieking, “I like ‘buh-kay-nays!” over and over. I was exhausted from a sleepless night and a long drive and completely missed the exit to my dad’s. Instead of exiting, I was actually trying to find out what he meant by this announcement, since he usually means something completely weird and incorrect by the word bikini. Mike said he was just messing with me. And… it totally worked. Also, if a boy yells, “I like bikinis!” then you probably don’t need to waste your time asking him what he means by this. He’s a boy. And he’s yelling that he likes bikinis. It’s fairly self-explanatory, lady, so just drive.


My dad and stepmom wore those 3 kids out. We ate lunch together before leaving town today, and the adults just talked without interruption because the kids were so exhausted they just sat and stared off into space like we’d drugged them. You gotta be tough to party with PawPaw and MiMi.


Got to see LaLa, her boyfriend, and his two really cute kids. (They are VERY cute together, this group of 4.)


Got to FINALLY meet HolyCousin’s boyfriend, who is nice and funny and loves all the outdoorsy biking/hiking stuff that she does. SO nice to spend time with them.


Accidentally picked up a guy at a really weird chicken restaurant. The hostess asked me how many in the party and  that answer had changed several times in the previous two hours and I couldn’t remember, so I turned to Mike- who was right behind me – and said, “How many of us are there, honey? I forgot.” And as if THAT isn’t airheaded enough, I can’t help but notice that this guy is shorter than Mike. He has thick gray hair, side parted and wavy and very Clark Kenty, especially with the glasses. A gray t-shirt when Mike had a brown one on earlier. And even though I’m taking all of this in, it just doesn’t click that THIS IS NOT MIKE, GET AWAY, STOP TALKING, SHUT UP, KELSEY. That obvious ‘problem’ does not really sink in until he says, “Uh.. Will you be joining me?”

At which point I did this awful, hop up and down in one place thing, fanning hands in front of my face as if there were a fire (as you do), and apologizing and then running and then fixing my best “I AM SO ANNOYED” expression on my face for when Mike finally came around the corner – which was totally wasted because he’d gone all the way back to the car and by the time he came back I’d given up and was sitting under the cool, wet spray of a ceiling-mounted mister and had mostly forgotten it. I can’t stay irritated for long. Blessing and a curse.


Today a guy in a dirty white t shirt told me he loved me in a gas station parking lot. I guess if you sow ‘picking up strangers inappropriately,’ then you reap the same thing.  I didn’t  know what to say to his declaration, so I hopped back in the car and locked the doors. But that seemed rude, so I smiled and waved, because I’m too Southern for my own good sometimes, and he was probably just being nice. Or drunk. I do not know.  He wasn’t slurring, but his shirt was suspiciously dirty.


Then I got stuck behind a house for three hours. Ugh. This particular chopped-in-half house moving down the road was wider even than those normally are and it slowed us down considerably.


The kids slept. Mike watched tv shows on his phone. And I drove behind a house traveling way below the speed limit.


We got home and sitting in the driveway was my gorgeous big truck all covered in mud. The night before we left, it rained. Finally! Rain! So I got up early and went mudding before we left on our trip. I kept it brief, because I had a near-miss with a telephone pole and we didn’t really have time for me to take out the local utility services before a roadtrip.  Caden-7yr either didn’t know that I’d gone that morning, or he forgot, because he said, “Whoah – looks like Grandmother went mudding while we were gone!”  And… he was serious about this odd conclusion, which only made it that much better.


So glad to be back! I hope your weekends were wonderful, too.