Wednesday, August 24th 2011
Take Two

Oh, sometimes I just really hate wordpress. It just ‘ate’ a post and then it regurgitated only:

t a

WHICH I’M, GRRRR, PRETTY SURE I JUST TOTALLY DIDN’T WRITE, HOW CRUDE. I don’t talk like that. I remember distinctly the day my mother informed me what ‘t and a’ MEANT. I think we were watching A Chorus Line – is that mentioned in that movie? I was 11ish. And lemme tell ya, I was shocked. I don’t ever say that phrase, write that phrase, think that phrase, or accidentally blog that phrase. Til now. Thanksalot, wordpress.

I could start the post over, but let’s just do a list because it’s the transitions that just kill me, who are we kidding.

***Hot Yoga.

LOVED the surprisingly unified responses there, y’all! “Foretaste of hell,” Jan? HA! And, Geekwif, gardening DOES count as exercise – particularly if you don’t bend your knees much when you weed. Just ask your hamstrings the next day.

So. Yeah, it was HOT and it was HELLISH and I’m definitely going back one day soonish. But I’ll ask the little blond instructor to keep her hands off me even if I’m doing it wrong because HEY THAT TICKLES, LADY, and I just didn’t have the extra breath to say so at the time, what with my being busy dying and all.

Disgusting but fascinating (to me) factoid: one hr hot yoga = more sweat than 2 hr advanced kickboxing class or an 8 mile run. BY FAR. Maria did a noticeable doubletake when I came home looking like that. She was nice enough not to ask me what happened.


I’ve been meaning to tell y’all about Seth-5yr’s last t-ball game! It was AMAZING. Not just because he’s my baby. Not just because he calls the pitcher’s mound the “pisher’s ma’am.” (Which is pronounced pisher’s may-uhm) But all that helps.

Let me describe this play. I’ll try to do it justice. Seth-5yr was playing pitcher, and he caught the ball the batter hit off the “t.” Yea! An out. That’s great. But THEN he takes his little lightning fast feet off to tag out a player at second base and THEN turns and chases down another player before he gets to third and bam: An All Sethie TriplePlay. Except the ump called one kid safe even though he wasn’t, so it was technically a doubleplay.

People in the stands were open-mouthed, asking each other WHAT WAS THAT?! I know, because I was one of them, but there were others.



My word count is NOT where it should be for the month. August and I had goals. But I’ve done lots of weird research projects and there has been much “pre-writing” accomplished and eh. That’ll have to do.


Okay. I don’t think that counts as a list. There’s only 3 sections and I think there was another sorta funny section about the day at a Mexican restaurant I spilled a TON of ice water on me but you couldn’t tell because I was wearing black running shorts and then the water secretly crept down the table and POURED onto Mike – who wasn’t even sitting next to me and who was wearing khaki cotton shorts – and it really looked like he’d had a bad accident… but yeah that’s the short version.

Not terribly funny in this format. But that’s all I got, because any second WordPress will eat this and leave me with b s  or something like that and then I won’t have ANYTHING, including the will to try again even though I love y’all and of course you’re worth it.


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August 24th, 2011
10:23 pm

The restaurant story may not have been all that funny to you – but, it is if you read it like I did the first time through. and the second. I read that the WAITER crept down and poured water on Mike. I had to reread it because I knew I had missed the why… took 3 times before I realized that it was a typo that was causing my confusion.

Great play for Seth! I bet you are a VERY proud mama!
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August 24th, 2011
10:32 pm

I should clarify that it was a *reading* typo – there was no *actual* typo there :-)

I did have another thought for you about the WordPress eating situation…..I have found it helpful to write things out in another word processing program and then cut and paste the whole thing so that you don’t lose it in case there are internet problems.
Gidget recently posted..Wednesday Window – A Different Kind of Blog Hop

August 25th, 2011
8:40 am

hey gidget!
you make me laugh…
where we live, it’s WAY conservative and i don’t think we even have restaurants where waiters creep down the table at you. not that i’m complaining. just sayin.
i may take that suggestion for wordpress. i am usually spoiled by the feature that saves your draft as you go. but last night when i checked that out, guess what was there? right. just: t a

Mother T
August 25th, 2011
9:19 am

A friend of mine got so fed-up with WordPress’ idiosyncrasies (?) that he actually went back to Blogger!

I’ve been the victim of the creeping spill, not so much fun. Usually it is my youngest daughter or one of her children that have caused the spill, but amazingly enough, they seldom get to wear the mess. :-)

I loved your description of Seth’s nearly triple play! That’s one very talented 5 yr. old!

August 25th, 2011
9:28 am

For a new soundtrack to your own personal memory lane, check out the song “Dance 10, Looks 3″ sometime. :)

August 25th, 2011
10:00 am

Yea, Seth!!!! Way to go!!
The water spill was sooo funny! Wish you had written the “rest of the story”.
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August 26th, 2011
5:59 am

See, now that’s why gardening is my workout of choice – there’s no one there touching you while you’re just trying to mind your own sweaty business.

Seth-5yr’s triple play? Amazing!

And your word count? Well, the pre-writing stuff is important too. If you don’t do enough of that, you end up trying to salvage a big mess – not that I’m dealing with a big mess right now – nope, no big messes here. Yeah.
Geekwif recently posted..The Professor and the Madman

August 26th, 2011
8:29 am

Mother T,
The Creeping Spill. It was particularly bad because the kids had just climbed into the booth with brightly colored drinks in cups without lids and they were sloshing and THREATENING to spill and making me nervous. I had just said, “Hey? Ya’ll. You do NOT HAVE LIDS, so act accordingly.” And right then i set my plate down on my ice water. I am crazy-clumsy, but at least I was dressed appropriately for it this time!

that was FANTASTIC!

I probably should have… it’s too late now though, once I gave away the ending! : )

Yeah, I prefer hands off!

I bet whatever you’re working on will WELL be worth the effort to fix. Whenever I get all overwhelmed with a plot problem (this is kinda silly) I remind myself that I’m working with words. And WORDS I can certainly change and delete and re-mold. I’m not trying to build a building or something like that. Just words. For some reason that always helps. Hope to read it one day!

And I got a lot of writing done yesterday after all. YEA! It’s in the works for today, too.

August 26th, 2011
11:16 am

I love reading your writing :o )
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September 12th, 2011
9:16 pm

Just a comment about the t and a … I used to be one of those, until I had babies and breastfed and the t deflated and the a well, let’s just say I’m a whole lotta a now… :)

Also, not that I am a blogging guru but do you blog directly through wordpress? I’m with blogspot and I find it frustrating with them sometimes too, my formatting doesn’t come out right. So then I started using Windows Live Writer (and I know there are other programs other than Windows) and I write from my computer and post straight to my blog. Everything comes out on my blog exactly the way I want it to and never any glitches. Just a thought, and you probably already know this.
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