Wednesday, August 17th 2011
What Not To Say. And Wear.

Life here is fast paced and crazy because that is what happens when you say, “i’ll go out of town RIGHT before school starts but I’ll get everything done before I leave” and then, yaknow, don’t.

And THEN. To complicate matters further, I said the Number One TOTALLY Wrong Thing To Say this morning.

It was time to get everyone dressed and out the door to meet the teachers during Open House before tomorrow – the all important first day of school.  I SHOULD have said, “Kids. Get dressed. Now. Please.”

Instead.  I decided to complicate All Of Life like crazy by saying, “We are going to meet your teachers. Please get dressed in something that is representative of the first impression you are interested in making.”

I know. 

Are you just dying FOR me? WAY TO GO, Kels. Why not add a little pressure and anxiety and tell them there will be a test given later on what they choose so don’t screw it up or they’ll never go to college?

What I got:

Ethan-11yr in a full SUIT, including a clip-on tie. (And crazy hair, but he doesn’t have any other kind.)

Caden-7yr in yellow shorts, a stained green t-shirt, and black Paul Frank monkey underwear that allowed a cartoon monkey face to be clearly visible through the yellow fabric of the butt of those shorts.

Seth-5yr aimlessly wandering around the house in just his underwear forever, saying, “hmm, i can’t… make up my… mind.” (hard to be annoyed there, since that’s EXACTLY what I would have done.)

So EVERYONE needed help and styling advice, which is really not my strong suit since i usually care even less than they do. Ethan-11yr tried on FOUR different outfits before we reached a truly adorable compromise that just makes me so thankful that he’s eleven and cute and as weird as he is.

That parental mis-step took up a lot of time we did not have, but in the end we all got out the door without excessive neckwear, nudity, or monkey butts.  Their anxiety was at an all time high, but I couldn’t exactly undo that.

Tomorrow I take them to school. And drop them off. And I’m kinda excited.


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August 17th, 2011
4:58 pm

I suppose in the midst of all that extra wardrobe-changing and anxiety there weren’t any papparazzi around, taking great photos…?! Sounds like they would have been great. :)

August 17th, 2011
7:20 pm

Oh my gosh, I’m laughing so hard right now. Your boys are just like characters in a book. If I had to guess what each of them would wear, that is exactly what I would have guessed (okay, maybe I wouldn’t have guessed the monkey face). It sounds like it would have been a really fun morning if it weren’t for the “being in a hurry” part. :)
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August 18th, 2011
8:56 am

That. Was. Awesome. Why did I never think of phrasing it that way just so I could see what my boys would come up with at that age?

August 18th, 2011
4:43 pm

i did THINK about it… but there just wasn’t time in between the negotiating different clothing choices with everyone. the living room looked like a closet exploded when we left.

aw, really?! i’m so glad you know them that well, that is SO nice!!!

because…. you knew what you were doing and saved yourself that particular exercise in anxiety…? : )

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