Monday, October 10th 2011
and… the capslock finally wakes up

(Jenn S, skip this one)

i’m fine. walking mostly upright, without excessive wall leaning. i won’t be running during monday night football, but eh. no biggie. i’m thinking a nap sounds better anyway.

i woke up to seth-5yr standing over me, inches from my face. it was before 6 am. and he says, “why do you look so serious?”

i don’t really talk in the morning when i first wake up. and i definitely don’t answer adorably weird questions like that. i just grab, kiss, laugh into sweet little warm necks until i’m awake and no longer serious.

this afternoon caden-7yr said, “ethan-11yr said that when he was still in your tummy before he was born, he hit his head on something.”

i told him that was ridiculous. if any of them was going to run into something and hit his head while still in the womb, it would obviously be caden-7yr.

caden-7yr currently has scratches covering most of his body from where he ran into a tree. apparently, he was running pretty fast when he hit that tree.

he didn’t tell me for a few days – having somehow forgotten about running into a tree at a high speed -and most of the scratches were covered by clothing. that’s very caden-7yr.

but maybe it’s very ethan-11yr, too, since he didn’t get around to mentioning his pre-birth injury til now. i think the statute of limitations has run out on this and i’m not going to feel bad. i provided the womb. i’m sure the accommodations were adequate. especially because he’s the one kid who had a virtuous, caffeine free pregnancy, even though it nearly killed me.



*only read if you are NOT pregnant*

neverMIND. the statute of limitations has not run out and never will and i can forever feel guilty about what happened to ethan-11yr. i asked him what he ran into before he was born and he pointed to the top of his head. where there is a LARGE scar that disrupts his hair – and always will – and makes it stick up. riiight. and that’s where the doctor broke my water. the doctor who i haaaaated and i had just argued with and he later stormed out of the room griping about me, but not before he accidentally stabbed the sweet baby in the head when he broke my water, ┬áprobably partly because he was mad at me. not that i knew that then. but i hated him so much that i tried NOT to have ethan-11yr until his shift ended. like, ‘i hate you so much that i am going to STAY IN LABOR in case you somehow get paid more money if i deliver this baby on your shift. ha! take that, buddy, these contractions are NOTHING. BRING. THEM. ON.’ and i did. i withheld the sweet baby until he left the building.

okay, i can be really stubborn.

(and that’s why i look so serious right now.)




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October 11th, 2011
8:35 pm

I hated the dr. who delivered Jeana, and was very pleased that when I pushed just once, she shot out so hard she ruined his white suite, because he had not tied off his gown, and was telling me NOT to push. Get real. When you gotta push, you gotta push, you know?
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October 11th, 2011
10:15 pm

“…sweet, little, warm necks.” That is so beautifully put.

In the year I’ve been reading your blog, I don’t recall a week that’s been absolutely injury free. Guess that means y’all are having more fun than me!

I read the disclaimer and decided to stick with puppies. : )

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