Monday, November 21st 2011
Lemme Tell You What I Learned Before I Forget…

So IF you get your hand stuck in a John Deere steering wheel because you’re going too fast and you hop a curb thing and then slam into the concrete footer underneath the fence and you think, “meh. it’s fine. whatever,” FOR LIKE – FOREVER – then maybe NO, HONEY, IT ISN’T FINE.

It’s broken.

The hand. Hands – even left ones for right handed people – are VERY important. I am not one of those people who can play piano with my feet or paint endless rooms with only my earlobes.  And I need to remember this newfound appreciation for maintaining hand health. And react accordingly. And slow down on the John Deere, even if it is fun.

Because lemme tell ya, you WILL feel like an idiot when you have to tell various doctors and nurses that story. Although one nurse did say, “you don’t look like the riding mower type.” Which could have been really mean and like, “you are so skanky you must be a rusty old 1982 push mower type.” Or maybe she thought I was just too cute to be mowing lawns. I don’t know which it was. I was so taken aback by this observation that I said, “Um… Okay.” BRILLIANT, I am, y’all. I know. In my defense,  all I could think of was how bad my hand hurt because everyone had been smashing on it and it was KILLIN’ me.

So. Moral:  I shoulda gone and done something about the hand THEN. Instead of having it x-rayed months later because GOSH. IT STILL HURTS AND SWELLS A LOT. AND SINCE I’M HERE FOR SOMETHING ELSE ANYWAY… They said it broke but healed in a not too funky way and it’s just going to hurt for a long time.

Today I document this lesson learned, because of COURSE i’m going to forget it, and at least this records the brief moment in my life in which I was in somewhat in accord with the basic hand health policies of the world:

If it breaks, fix it, dummy. 

Could also apply to other stuff.


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November 21st, 2011
4:28 pm

I would have done the same thing. I always figure it will go away on its own eventually. Doctors? Who needs ‘em. Except in my case, when I finally went to the doctor, the answer was that there was absolutely nothing wrong and it was all in my head and boy did I feel like an idiot.

I’m glad you went though, and that it wasn’t too bad. I’ve heard of them having to re-break something like that so they can set it properly, and that just sounds ridiculously painful and wrong.

As for the lawn mower comment, of course it was the second option. You don’t look like a girl who would drive a truck through fields of mud either. I’d take it as a compliment. :)
Geekwif recently posted..Yet Another NaNoWriMo Update

November 21st, 2011
9:26 pm

Next time (and you *know* there will be a next time) do you want us all to write in all caps, GO TO THE DR. ?
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November 22nd, 2011
1:24 pm

I’m always sure they’ll say I’m being a big baby and nothing is wrong! that’s why i dont go either! I never woulda gone if I’d thought they might RE-BREAK. GAH! and thank you. i have such a hard time with compliments. you just never REALLY know for sure. Like, ‘that dress is pretty’ comes across to me like “you look like crap but at least the dress is nice!’ or, ‘your eyes look really green today’ sounds JUST like ‘i hate green. who said that was a positive observation?’ am weird, i suppose.

YES PLEASE!!!! : )

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