Wednesday, January 18th 2012

My father emailed to say, “I do too know how to hug!!”

And…? I KNOW, DADDY. You just learned this weekend and I am proud.

In our family, we call the old style “PawPaw Hugs.”  One day a few weeks ago I hugged Caden-7yr too hard and he tripped and fell (and the two of us are so clumsy that it’s a wonder we both weren’t on the ground) and then I helped him up and asked if it was a PawPaw Hug. He brushed himself off and said, “Nah. It didn’t hurt bad enough.”

And THAT is what I’m talking about.


But I’m off topic. This is the short “During” post which only details points of interest during the wedding and reception.

1. The Groom’s family is all VERY nice. Have I mentioned this? They are. They seem like such nice, gentle, maybe quieter people. I appreciate a quiet type of people. They’re rare in my world. Actually, now that LaLa is officially family, I don’t think they can be called a Quiet People any longer. Hee! (But so true.)

2. Aisle Walking. No one tripped. All went well. Ethan-11yr walked our mom down the aisle, per her request. The other two boys walked HolyMiMi down the aisle, and they all took their roles VERY seriously.

3. At some point in the ceremony, the Groom started tearing up. He was clearly very overcome with emotion over the darling fireball of energy kind of woman he was marrying and he was SO sweet and it just UNDID me. I was fine until I saw that, and it was so nice to see this dear man who felt that way about my sister. Tears. LOTS of tears. SNOT. not a lot. But STILL. All running down my face and dripping off my chin and down my matte satin (satin, but not shiny! love it!) navy dress. I was holding two bouquets and no tissues. OF COURSE.

4. At another point in the ceremony, LaLa gives the Groom a little kiss. There is a wave of amusement through the seats, since that was NOT ON SCRIPT and it’s not the end with the whole ‘go ahead and kiss’ moment and all of that. It was adorable.

5. Kids’ Sand Ceremony where each of the 4 members of the newly joined family create a collaborative sand art thing to symbolize their new togetherness. (Okay. You caught me. I wasn’t listening at that point. i was trying to stop from crying and discreetly looking at my dad to see if he had a tissue.) But it WAS an excellent idea and the kids were cute and enjoyed pouring the brightly colored sand.

6. Reception. There were people. A LOT of people. I hugged a lot of them. I talked to almost all of them, because i made myself not get all antisocial and hide under tables. And then when I’d talked to about 90% of the 80ish people there, I went and hid in the Bride’s dressing room and collapsed in a chair and enjoyed the silence for ten minutes before emerging and hugging/talking more.

7. There weren’t toasts or dancing or bouquet tossing so NONE OF THAT NONSENSE, thank you GOD.

8. There were Legos for the boys, thank you HolyMiMi, and hundreds and hundreds of cookies instead of wedding cake, thank you Lala, and it was really nice. Seth-6yr and Caden-7yr could not believe the caterer had included nachos in the menu. SCORE!

9. Mike disappeared and headed up the Decorating the Car project. It turned out REALLY cute. Partly because the car is really cute. The Groom has a tiny little Honda Fit. Which looks even cuter with a pair of heart boxer shorts on the back and “just married” written in Ethan-11yr’s handwriting across the back windshield.

Preview of the “After” post:

my kids get something stuck on the ceiling, i find it impossible to recognize someone i knew my whole life, and the boys discuss fur issues.


i’ll get right on that.


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January 18th, 2012
12:04 pm

What a blessing for LaLa, and indeed your whole family, that she is marrying a man who loves her so much, and is not embarrassed to show it. Nachos and cookies, for a reception that includes children–inspired!
I’ve never seen the Sand Ceremony. It sounds lovely. I hope a good time was had by all.
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January 19th, 2012
12:06 pm

I think every bridesmaid’s dress should come with a built-in hidden pocket just for tissues. And maybe the bride’s gown too. Speaking of which, what was LaLa’s gown like? Wasn’t there some talk of orange at one point? I’d love to know what she wore. I mean, that’s like the second most important part of a wedding. :)
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Jennifer Sullivan
January 19th, 2012
12:53 pm

Best Wishes to LaLa!
Jennifer Sullivan recently posted..What I’ve learned recently

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