Friday, February 10th 2012
if this is the road to recovery…

it’s longer than i expected and i am bored and impatient with the journey.

so y’all were right. i finally saw a doctor. and for ALL the stuff that was prescribed my way, i should TOTALLY be feeling better by now since that was a couple days ago, but i’m still a wheezy gaspy lifeless little thing who hasn’t accomplished the pressing items on her to-do list.

there was a chest x-ray, to check for pneumonia. it’s not pneumonia, it’s bronchitis.

the boys were APPALLED that i needed a chest xray and Caden-8yr buried his mortified face in his hands when i had to admit that this did involve removing clothing. he gets upset for me. i mentioned the little backless robe i got to wear, but it didn’t help.

then there was a shot in the right butt cheek.  i’m not sure what was in that shot. i’m all proactive about my health like that.

caden-8yr asked if i had to pull my pants down or if i’d requested that they just inject my butt through my jeans. i said that was an EXCELLENT idea, but I hadn’t thought of it, so yes, the pants came down. he violently covered his face with his hands and rubbed until his little face turned splotchy pink. he was THAT bothered. he sighed. ‘were you wearing clean underwear?’ “UH, YES.” ‘what color?’ “green lace” and again with the covering of the face to blot out this story.

(I’m SUCH an embarrassing mother)

I got penicillin-free antibiotics and two different kind of inhalers and instructions to rest. because the doctor hasn’t seen my to-do list and doesn’t understand the time sensitive nature of these tasks. i suppose she has other concerns.

the timing of this could NOT be worse. it really couldn’t.

the other day i asked mom to drive me to petsmart, push the cart, and then lift the bags of dog food because there was no way i could do any of that and the dogs needed food. she did. she works out. giant dog food bags were nothin for her. i flopped in the passenger seat because i didn’t have enough neck strength to hold my head up.

i considered canceling my weekly appointment with the lovely therapist lady. i like her and didn’t want to expose her to my nasty germs. but then i got all selfish and thought there was NO way that this week i could skip her and so i just prayed that she was particularly immune. then i went in and sat on her couch (same couch as ever) and it was suddenly so SOFT and CUSHY and i just couldn’t help but spread out and lie all over it and get real comfy. i don’t know if it’s all the medication or the sickness, or the decreased oxygen to the brain as a result of the wheezing coughing mess, but i couldn’t finish a sentence i started. i kept starting and then stopping and then rephrasing and then there were ENDLESS rabbit trails and side stories and i was generally just not myself. i like to think that i usually sit upright and there’s a meaningful, coherent exchange. yesterday was more like the odd ramblings of a jellyfish. i’m still glad i went. i do hope her immunity is high, though.

i’m hoping to be well enough later to look at antique stuff with mom. i want old furniture for cheap that i can refinish. and this thing with mom is important because the alternative is craigslist, which i tried out for the very first time a couple weeks ago and wouldn’t you know it? i picked out end tables  from a registered sex offender. after a few weird emails, i googled his name. and that’s how i knew. and then i asked mike if he’d pick up everything for me and he did and i was glad. BUT. i really do like my sex offender furniture. i just hope i don’t always think about it like that.

ok, i’m still a little rambly. i know. i just noticed. i’m stopping.


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February 10th, 2012
10:29 am

Oh pitiful jellyfish! Rest up! I’m sorry you’re so jellyfishy.

February 10th, 2012
2:02 pm

I am *so* sorry you’re still feeling so terribly, but at the same time I’m grateful that the meds you are on left able to blog about sex offender furniture and mortifying your boys. (Because you validated me for not always being the only mom that can do that to sons. Although to be perfectly honest, at this age, I’m doing it on purpose. For my own entertainment. Don’t judge me too harshly)

Please – try to REST. I would totally bring you some type of vegetarian make you feel better soup if I knew where you lived. And had any clue on how to make something like that. ;-)

February 10th, 2012
2:39 pm

Hugs to you for going to the dr. Just so you know, I have been hospitalized several times with bronchitis because I thought I just had too much to do to rest. Please, please, please, REST. BTW, I’ll be off-line for about a week. Talk to you later.
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February 10th, 2012
5:26 pm

Ramble away! I’m just glad you’re back. :) I’m with the others though – REST please! If you’re still so weak you can’t pick up a bag of dog food that’s your body telling you that you need to rest so you can mend.
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Mother T
February 11th, 2012
5:52 pm

Nothing is as important to accomplish as letting your body heal!!! You have to get better, because you have children to care for and embarrass!!!

Quit worrying about antique furniture buying, etc. Stay home, stay on your meds, and REST! Don’t make me come to TX!
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Jennifer Sullivan
February 12th, 2012
10:07 pm

Everything I read went away when you said sex offender furniture. I know you said something about being sick, but sex offender furniture just really took control of that. Am glad you googled him. Am sorry he was weird. Also glad Mike picked up furniture, much safer than you getting anywhere near the freak.
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