Monday, March 12th 2012
Ah, the smell of home.

We don’t fight or play-fight or wrestle. Mike isn’t the type, and I hated it because of past violence/kid issues that were real and not play. (And my punching and kicking was always away from home and not in front of kids)


I sorta thought maybe it’d be a good idea now. They’re boys. THREE boys. There’s aggression and all they can do is pass gas in order to release it. And that’s probably inadequate. Perhaps you see my motivation in re-considering the no tolerance nonviolence policy.

I set up some ground rules and walked away. FAR away.

Grunting, laughing, walls being smashed (I do drywall repairs, no biggie), brothers coaching brothers on what to do in a mostly positive sounding manner, and then….

then there was wailing.

I’d said not to come to me with injuries.

I meant minor ones. Because there better not BE any major ones.

And I suppose it was minor, but Sethie and I ended up covered in his blood because Caden-8yr kicked him in the teeth and split his lip open. “by accident, mom, by accident.” I didn’t say anything. because really, I was thinking that it is extremely satisfying to be able to kick teeth, and that wouldn’t be appropriate of me. one day I’ll teach him how to do it right, and how to practice it without drawing blood.

I had NOT given ground rules and instructions to the dogs.  But I should have. Callie is our rescued shepherding nanny-dog who helps me take care of the kids. They are very much her herd. She tucks them in at night with me and comes to get me when someone needs me. If it’s an issue she can take care of just by sitting next to a kid’s bed, then she does that, too. She does not sleep at night until they are all asleep and then she will go off-duty. She does not sleep well when they are at Mike’s.

Callie decided the split lip was very serious and came and got me, jumping up and down until I followed her. Then she laid down on the hall floor right next to Seth-6yr and watched him with concerned eyes until he stopped crying and he was cleaned up and kissed and brothers had hugged him and apologized and made their various peacemaking offers.

Even now, she’s at his side and she’s probably quite annoyed with me for the experimental policy change.

But it SEEMED like a good idea.

Or maybe I was just tired of all the gas. I don’t know. Difficult to say. The house does not smell gassy now.

It smells like sweat and blood.


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Mother T
March 13th, 2012
6:32 am

I’ll make a suggestion based on my years of parenting/grandparenting: Find a martial arts program to enroll your boys in. Contrary to popular belief (& media) most martial arts focus on controlling yourself and self-defense. It will help the boys gain confidence, teach them to grapple and wrestle without damaging each other, and how to defend themselves from the bullies of this world. Not to mention, if they actually practice every day, it will burn a LOT of energy.
Mother T recently posted..Frustration Saturation

March 13th, 2012
9:15 am

I’ll take sweat and blood over gas any day.

Sweat and blood is manly. Gas just grosses me out.

You’re such a fantastic mama. You just really are.
Sarah recently posted..bad blogger bad wife not cool enough for actual friends bit of cray-zay

March 13th, 2012
6:10 pm

I love that you want to some day teach them how to kick teeth properly and how to practice safely. It seems like so many parents try to protect their children by not exposing them to the very things that could save them in a bad situation. Boy or girl, man or woman, I admire people who know how to defend themselves correctly and responsibly.
Geekwif recently posted..Three Inches Of Snow – And I’m Okay With That

Jennifer Sullivan
March 13th, 2012
9:29 pm

I’m glad that there weren’t any major injuries. Sometimes wrestling and hard core play are totally necessary and it sounds like this was the right time for it. Glad to know the dogs are with you. I think the boys and you need them there.

March 14th, 2012
9:01 am

What MotherT said. Burns lots of energy, gives them the skills to defend themselves, which of course leads to self-confidence. Although I don’t think anyone in your family lacks that ;)
Jan recently posted..Cruise Control

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