Friday, March 9th 2012
No Need to Curtsy

I’d write.


I’m mid-revelation and am really too busy processing to write about thrift store shopping with my mom, or testicle discussions with the boys or spring break non plans or anything else. The brain cells are just too busy with the very important task of figuring out the meaning and purpose and all connotations and implications of ‘honor.’ The how and why and the importance and the lack thereof, and God’s perspective on it allĀ and the topic is rather endless.

I have books and scriptures and a purple sequin tiara (LOVE!) and an urgency to devote myself to really getting this.

It’s what I’ll be considering and reading about during a baseball practice in the sleet here in a little while. I will not be wearing my purple sequin tiara, but that’s only because i have a giant melon head and it is too small for wearing for long periods of time. I have a sparkly headband that has been purchased in order to serve as my Everyday Tiara. (World Market, $7, BARGAIN, considering it stylishly holds hair out of face in stiff winds AND reminds you to expect and require basic respect and standards.)

It turns out I’m a princess. A princess with an oversized melon head, but STILL. I haven’t been terribly princess-y. There’s much to change.

Fortunately, tiaras come in all sizes.



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March 9th, 2012
9:45 pm

Honor. We could go very deep with that one. I always picture the soldier at the “Tomb of the unknown soldier”.

For the rest, hmm… not sure how a tiara or headband fits into that. I shy from sparkles, just too old to pull it off I think. (unless the sparkle is on my finger, and real, then I am all for it)
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March 10th, 2012
8:22 am

Honor. A very deep concept. I sooo want to see a picture of you with your tiara. I love sparkle!! Wick says left to my own inclinations, my wardrobe would be full of flash and trash. ;) That’s why he always goes shopping with me.
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