Thursday, March 29th 2012
Ping! Ping! BAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!

Y’ALL are some seriously awesome well armed, knowledgeable shooting type women. I was SO proud when i read your comments on the Gimme a Gun post. And a little scared. And a bit intimidated. But mostly, just real proud.

Y’all also educated me on the issue of yellow post it notes. Fascinatingly well rounded, y’all are. And i mean that non-literally.

I went and saw my dad and my stepmom and we painted furniture and she cooked delicious meatless stuff for me, and I mowed most of a pasture, and my dad fixed a table for me, and we shot.

My dad broke out the big guns for my arrival. Actually, I now realize how much they need a gun. A real one. They’re planning on getting one, but haven’t yet.

For MY purposes, my dad’s current supply of firearms was more than enough. (Firearms being used a bit tongue in cheek.) But I had only ever shot a nerf gun, so this was BIG STUFF for me, and y’all may have noticed how accident prone I am and so it was a very wise start to my weapons training.

I shot a pellet pistol.

NO laughing.

I mean, I SHOT that pellet pistol.

I shot it in the house, unloaded, at the ground, because my dad said I could and a cat disappeared for an hour. But there are plenty of cats, and no harm was done.

I dont know what pellet pistols are usually like. I’d never seen one. But THIS one required you to pump it up about 6 times before EACH little shot with the itty bitty rice-grain sized pellet. And that was QUIIIIIITE an arm workout. I couldnt’ do it from a sitting position and keep my feet on the ground. I had to put legs into it in order to get it done.

After we shot that for awhile, Daddy brought out the BIG gun. I suppose I hadn’t killed anything yet, although one pellet did ricochet dangerously near my stepmother, and I was trusted with the big guy.

The pellet RIFLE.

Shut UP, y’all, I will one day understand what it was y’all were talking about in that comment section, but clearly it won’t be this month. Baby steps with weaponry, y’all. It’s the only safe way.

Daddy said it probably cost $10 and the more he looked at it, the more crooked he thought it was. BUT I LOVED IT.


I shot. And shot. And shot some more. We had diet coke cans and miller lite cans balanced on a beam on Daddy’s sawhorses. we picked them off. Then started again. OH SO FUN.

Daddy said I could shoot the feet off anything.

That’s because I shoot low, apparently. WHATEVER. There were holes in those cans. Those cans were SCARED. No, they were DEAD. And then DEAD AGAIN.  If a 12 pack of diet coke ever goes rogue in this house, they better WATCH OUT because I will shoot tiny holes in their lower regions and they will make puddles.

Well, if i had a $10 crooked pellet rifle.

THEN Daddy gave me a Remington .22 power nailer thing and even though i loaded the little bullet-y things into it myself, i did NOT quite understand that this was way more gun than the guns I’d been shooting. I just thought we were nailing a board to the compost thing. BUT NO. I had my face waaaaay too close and it scared me to pieces and then there was this glorious smell. I mean, HEAVENLY. It was gunpowder! Hadn’t smelled it all day! Didn’t really even know what it WAS that I was smelling. OH WOW, I need a Remington power nailer!!

Before i left, my stepmom loaded up a cooler with frozen blocks of sushi grade salmon and tuna. They were too big for one serving, so Daddy cut them on his band saw out in the shop. Bits of frozen fish went flying. It was weird. But effective. We washed off the nastiness from the band saw, and you can’t even taste it.

I drove home and it’s a VERY good year for bluebonnets. They bloomed roadside much farther west than usual. Nice.


This was going to be longer. There was more. But I’m trying to get out the door to a baseball practice and seth-6yr is having a missing cleats issue that is promising to be very time consuming. (i can just tell. that, and he swears off baseball twice a week now for the BEST reason ever, but that’s another post.)


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March 29th, 2012
8:53 pm

Sounds like you had a great visit with your folks, and a lot of fun with the guns–and I too love that smell of gunpowder!
We saw lots of bluebonnets on the way home from Houston Tuesday (family wedding) and that is another thing I love.
Yesterday was our 42nd anniversary. And they said it wouldn’t last.
Jan recently posted..Cruise Control

March 29th, 2012
10:03 pm

congratulations!!! that’s wonderfuL! Y’all are certainly one of my favorite couples. They said mike and i wouldn’t last either. Oh, wait…. right. ; ) I’m so glad they were so completely wrong about y’all – I adore how the two of you love each other!

Jenn Sullivan
March 29th, 2012
10:57 pm

I love that you enjoyed shooting! No matter what it is – it’s fun – right?! I think your dad just became one of the coolest people ever in my mind because he cut food with a band saw – that is SO COOL!!! Glad everything is working well again.
Jenn Sullivan recently posted..I was fed up yesterday. Today, I’m so beyond that.

March 30th, 2012
11:19 am

“If a 12 pack of diet coke ever goes rogue in this house, they better WATCH OUT because I will shoot tiny holes in their lower regions and they will make puddles.” You are too funny!

If the power nailer is what I think it is, we used one of those for our basement subfloor to attach the sleepers to the concrete slab. Pretty cool tool, oh yeah. And our basement smelled like gunpowder too. Made me want to take a trip to the range. :)

I’m glad you had a good time. Baby steps are good, and if you ever choose to try something more powerful than a pellet gun, just memorize the safety rules (the Geek reviews them with me every time we visit go shooting) and treat it with respect.
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March 30th, 2012
11:30 am

Kelsey, thanks! We love you too.

Jenn, We have a band saw on our back porch exclusively for cutting meat. A whole separate saw for other uses.
Jan recently posted..Cruise Control

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