Tuesday, April 10th 2012
in which it’s all just thrown in, unapologetically transitionless

If i were to write a tips blog on how to get divorced – and i NEVER would – the one thing i would include would be:

Don’t give up diet coke, antidepressants, carbs, and sugar at the same time you’re giving up your marriage. It’s maybe… a bit MUCH. Maybe focus on just one or two. Not everything toxic or somewhat unhealthy has to go all at once. Pace yourself.

I mean, I don’t intend to take that advice. But I am a bit more forgiving of myself when I slip up here and there.


Now. I hereby risk the chorus of GIMME PICTURES and tell you what I’ve been up to. You know as well as I do that I only post the occasional poor quality photo whenever that magical cord thing appears by my computer when I happen to be in the picture posting mood and then can remember how to work it and that doesn’t happen very often and the chances of it happening in my withdrawal symptom cloud is… eh, low. regardless. this is what i’ve been doing:

1. the ISLAND. oh WOW. the island looks wonderful. it was a large cherry stained, stovetop on top kind of dark big THING in the kitchen. And after about 12 hours of work, it is now a stunningly gorgeous off white, distressed, dark waxed beauty that enlarges the whole space. Glass knobs. So love it now. Will actually have to find that cord thing.

i looooove it. seth-6yr does not. he finally said, tentatively, “so… you did all of that. and now… it looks… old… and dirty?”

I think the phrase you’re looking for is antiqued and distressed, sethie.


2. a couple of craigslist tables. I let caden-8yr pick the colors, and we have the odd combination of red with gray showing through from underneath.


3. that Queen Anne headboard did end up emerald, but then i put a periwinkle chalk paint on top and sanded it so the green shows through.


4. seth-6yr and i cleaned the garage. it makes me smile, now. before it made me clench my teeth.


5. my mother’s metal rocking chair that sits on her front porch. it was brown. we painted it coral. which dried pink. and she hated it. so that got scraped off and then sprayed purple, then painted a chalky sea blue-green and then distressed so the purple shows through.  it was during this process that I decided if i ever do custom paint jobs on islands or furniture commission, i won’t do it in front of the client unless it’s my mother, whose pickiness i can deal with. no one else gets that privilege.


Next up:

i need to repair the drywall above the water heater where a roofer fell through a few years ago. it’s apparently a big problem for the insulation to fall out of that hole and onto the water heaters. i do NOT want to invite big problems for the water heaters. so. fixing.  (the guy at Lowe’s cut and gave me the big piece of sheetrock i’ll need for free. i don’t know why. but i’ll take it, and THANKYOU, Lowe’s.)

replacing the stem valve on the riding mower, then mow. it doesn’t look too hard. parts arrived yesterday. should be fine.

pick a color for the bed that will be MINE and get it done already. i’ve been stripping it and repairing it forever and not rushing because i can’t quite decide on a color.  as it is, i have no footboard and the covers slip down and then the dog lays on the covers as they pool on the carpet and then they slip more and she rolls up in them and by the end of the night i have no covers and the dog has a lovely warm dog nest on the carpet and I envy her.*  so. that needs to change.

painting a little entryway table i got off craigslist from a creepy seller who lived right by the airport on a day when i needed to go to the airport anyway so it worked out. it may have been convenient, but he was creepy.  the table legs are curvy and i may even keep it if it looks right.

geraniums. purchased, and need planting.


so!  what are your spring projects?

* i can’t just get her a dog bed. i know you dog lovers will suggest it. there’s a reason. it has to do with freedom of expression enjoyed by the insecure cat, and let’s just leave it at that.


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April 11th, 2012
6:01 am

Seth-6yr’s thoughts on the antiqued and distressed look sound very much like my Geek’s. I’m working on making my office/craft room all “shabby chic” and he just rolls his eyes and asks why in the world I would want it to look old and worn out. I must admit though, while I love that look, there is a limit to just how shabby I will go. I draw the line at rusty knick knacks. Worn paint – good. Rust – not so good.

And you were right about the pictures. Would LOVE to see photos of some of your projects!
Geekwif recently posted..Three Inches Of Snow – And I’m Okay With That

April 11th, 2012
8:44 am

My spring project is to clear out enough boxes of “stuff” to create a sewing area. It took me a day and a half last week to find all my sewing stuff, gather it in one place, and machine embroider three throw pillows for one granddaughter. I need a place where I can get it all together! Wish I was talented at painting as you are.
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April 11th, 2012
8:46 am

Spring…projects…? Hmm. That’s a novel idea to me. I’ll have to consider it. I would probably feel productive and take another step closer to the rest of the worth-while people. But just so I have something to add (or maybe brag about) I just finished the newest mural in Bobby Ray Elementary School’s library and I suppose the two pictures I have to paint before Friday could be ‘spring projects’. Or probably not because they’re not improving my house in any way. Oooh, unless I use the money from them to BUY something to improve my house. That could work. Yeah.

And…did you say the creepy guy GAVE you the tables or sold them to you? If he gave them to you, maybe you should hold off until you can be sure they don’t need to be examined in a police investigation for…well…critical evidence of someone’s DNA or something bizarre like that, which stripping and painting would probably remove forever. BUT DON’T go by the police department and ask them if the forensic’s team wants to check them out. LOL. That sounds like something I would do. Sort of like writing this entire paragraph. I probably should NOT have done that. And definitely should remove it before clicking submit. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to regret it all day.

So…one more thing to regret saying…Your absence of proper capitalization… Is that a rebellion thing or a sign of apathy towards ‘the system’? You’re new title can be “The Author Formerly Known as Grammar Queen”.

I really am impressed at all of your productivity and plans. I wish you were close enough to rub off on me. Maybe you still will through this blog. :)

April 11th, 2012
11:07 am


no rust, huh?! what about in your garden? i can do rusty stuff, but it needs to be outside. would LOVE pics of your office! email! please!


i look forward to your having that sewing space! your gift has certainly blessed those grandkids. painting…. is not a talent. not the way i do it!! ha!? (read on – michele has painting talent!) anyone can paint on a few colors and sand them off. i just enjoy it. : )


i had NO idea you were a muralist. is that a word? SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED. PICTURES, PLEASE!!! how exciting!!!

the table guy was creepy. but i paid for the table. and then repaired it. and if he did something grody and criminal to that table, i REFUSE to think about it!? HA!! oooh, nasty.

capital letters: their absence is totally due to the absence of diet coke in my system.

productivity? none. i’m instead doing all the stuff i want to do – like fixing a lawnmower for 3 hrs yesterday (oooh – can’t say that if it isn’t actually fixed yet) and painting and outside chores… and letting the dishes and laundry go unchecked. : )

April 11th, 2012
10:11 pm

Hmm…Glad you’re impressed with ME, lol. That feels nice. I’m not sure how to share a photo this way. But you can click on my name and it links to my portfolio. If you click the tab that says ‘murals’ then you can see some. ^_^ They’re really great if you don’t care at all about proper proportions or accurate perspective.

Jenn Sullivan
April 16th, 2012
12:05 am

Ha! Seth is so funny. I love that you are doing some really cool projects. Blurry pictures are ok, all mine will be since I’m using my phones camera and it’s pathetic.
FINALLY started the chandelier. Went with the same blue I had the living room and kitchen painted. But now am going to meet with a guy tomorrow to quote wiring cable & internet into the current dining room so it can be the living room and vice versa. Got an island for $40 from Habitat for Humanity Restore when I donated a Hammond Organ that really needed to go somewhere else. The island doesn’t have a counter top yet, and needs to be painted and needs new cabinet and drawer pulls but that hasn’t stopped me from using it already. Still have a couple yellow walls. Am in the middle of redoing Goobers bedroom (the sparkles on bright white paint is just crazy) and bathroom and started to redo the office. Trying to figure out a way to make the bookshelf that hubby built me 2″ less wide in order for it to fit in the office. Started looking for material to recover the patio chairs. But this will all probably end up taking until the end of the year because I only work on this stuff when hubby watches Mary on his rare day off, or after she goes to bed at night.
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April 19th, 2012
4:33 pm

Rust in the garden is just fine. I just don’t want it in the house. Inside, it seems weird and dirty and dangerous to me. Outside, it’s just natural.

I’ll post/send pics of the office when I get it done. It just looks like a mess right now.

Guess that means I’d better get busy and finish it, huh?
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