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Why No One Asks Me To House-Sit

April 2nd, 2012 at 4:52 pm » Comments (9)

I don’t  know about y’all, but it’s been a WEEK.

There were the unfounded murmurings that I’d been somehow, in some way unfaithful. (Uh, NO.) Although I did I kiss someone who was not Mike when I was 22ish and learned a GREAT deal from that mistake. There were other learning experiences, but nothing as bad as that one, and nothing I wouldn’t sit down with you and discuss if you asked.  It would have been oh-so holy for me to meet these whispers with, “well. that’s not true. no matter how unfaithful is defined…  and i know it and God knows it and that’s ALL that matters.”

But it was harder than that. For a couple of days. And then I think I got there. To the shrugging it off place.

Then I started racking up expenses. Not because I’m a retail therapy sort. But because I’m a Watch Out Because Everything Breaks Around Me sort, and it’s worse when I’m stressed.


1. the DOG. expensive vet bill. She’ll be fine. But it’s personal, and you don’t want the details.

2. the carpet. The expense of having it cleaned will be high and DIRECTLY related to #1.

3. the transmission. It’s the 3rd one for this car in…  4 years? Could that be my fault? I don’t know. It suddenly has to be ‘babied’ into 3rd gear and the rpms spike and it protests. I don’t baby anything. Except babies. And pets. And men. (Nope, nevermind – not those anymore either.)

4. the hot water heater. UGH. It’s the 7th one in 8 years. We have 2… so it’s not the same one every time. They take turns. That got replaced, and another little pump thing that burned up. (my dad talked me through how to turn various things off so that more bad stuff didn’t happen. thanks, daddy.)

5. the locks. I thought I’d work on the locks in the house. The front door deadbolt has always been upside down and I hate that and then I lost a key, and it was just a good time to rekey. BUT. I screwed that all up. I lost some of the microscopic springs in a deadbolt’s cylinder and then the ones that I didn’t lose, I chopped in half by accident. They are tiny and delicate, those springs. The locksmith who is fixing all my ‘work’ will cost ten times what i was planning on spending by doing it myself.

6. today I was in my truck since I am SO OVER babying an SUV into 3rd gear and i ran over a giant board with a HUGE nail sticking out of it. I saw it. At the last second. And I coulda avoided it by slamming into a minivan. So, you know, it coulda been worse. i guess.

So basically everything’s falling apart. But… not me. I’m good. And not the kids. They’re good. Well behaved and coping and good grades, etc.  The rest of this may be  inconvenient and expensive and irritating, but it’s all so very minor when you think about it.

But  Mike might be real glad to separate our finances as soon as possible.

I had a $5000+ week.

(Feel better about yours yet? )