Wednesday, April 18th 2012
Powerless Over the Stupid Self Inflicted Power Outage (And SOOO Mad)

Yesterday I was beyond thrilled with the success of the Fixing of the Mower. THRILLED. So thrilled I had to tell you. Immediately. And if you didn’t pick up on the smugness, well, IT WAS THERE.

And then it wasn’t.

Because I did something so breathtakingly dumb that I singlehandedly ruined the functionality of electricity for the whole house as soon as it got dark. Because that’s some good timing.

I called Daddy. He’s an electrical engineer. And, more importantly, he’s Daddy. The ONLY man I’m interested in calling under those circumstances. He laughs at me, but never in a mean way, and he always has advice. But he lives kinda far away.

My mom and I are on the short side. We stood on a little vanity stool to get added height to try to add leverage to our attempts to shove the master circuit switch over. And that didn’t work.

I called an electrician.

Then I called a friend.


Her husband showed up ANYWAY and switched the circuit on. He’s like, 6 foot 5 or something ridiculous like that and didn’t need to stand on my little vanity stool. I tried to be grateful and humble and polite. And I think I probably was. But truthfully?  I was so annoyed. Sometimes I REALLY hate being short and little. And it’s not like he was able to fix that problem because he was somebody’s husband. Or because he’s a MAN. It’s because God made him to be really on the large side. That’s what I was telling myself. As i felt the sharp sting of an ego disintegrating around me. If God had made ME 6 foot 5 inches tall then I woulda flipped my OWN CIRCUIT THINGY.


Then the electrician showed up, even though I told him not to because by then everything was okay, and we stood in the driveway and talked about mud and trucks. He likes to do that.  I forgot that. I tried to be nice, and I think I probably was, but really I was just still annoyed.

I went to bed angry about the 5 foot 4 inches of SOLID PUNY  that cannot flip a stupid master circuit. NOT happy about the mower. FURIOUS about the inadequate size issue.

I’d love to tell you I got over it and regained a peaceful acceptance of my strengths and limitations and had a lovely heart to heart with the Creator about it all and then had a peaceful dream and a lovely night’s rest.

But that didn’t happen, I’m still mad and short and too little and not accepting of ANYTHING and so I can’t.

I’m going to go mow the backyard. And if I break something today (AND COME ON, BUT I PROBABLY WILL BREAK SOMETHING TODAY) then I really pray it’s in the category of things I am big enough to fix.

Because the other category crushes me.



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April 18th, 2012
12:26 pm

…I don’t know. People in Texas must be bigger because I’m 5’3″ and often feel pretty tall around here. I don’t usually feel a need to agonize and regret my height. But I don’t think I’m as independent and ‘brute forcey’ as you are. You definitely want to be self sufficient and I’m still so far into the “worthless people” category that I don’t sweat it. It must be tough being the “worth while” type. ;)

April 18th, 2012
12:47 pm

I suggest you buy a good sturdy step ladder that will help you get the height needed for proper circuit flippin leverage. Then you won’t have to call your friend’s gigantor husband to come flip your circuit.

(No offense K’s friend, but dayum. 6’5″? GIGANTOR!!!)

April 18th, 2012
2:03 pm

At 5’2″ and a half inch more on a good day if I stand up real straight, I understand your outrage. However. It’s not a character flaw, or a physical weakness. It’s like having blue eyes when you’d rather have brown. Not many women would be tall enough for that. And knowing you as I do, I am not sure I recommend the tall ladder, unless you have someone else who is going to climb it. Cuz seriously, girl friend. Stuff does get broken when you get your ‘tude on ;)
What did you break today?
Jan recently posted..Faith in a Phone Booth

April 18th, 2012
2:07 pm

If all us 5’2″-5’4″ stood on each other’s shoulders we’d be able to reach and do everything!

Short folk, unite!
Sarah recently posted..The mixed emotions of a SAHM {type without deleting: post two}

April 18th, 2012
2:14 pm

i hereby object to you putting yourself into a worthless people category no matter how you mean it, girl?!

you make me laugh.

you wanna know what i broke today? THE NEW BATTERY. the one i just put into the mower. i LEFT THE LIGHTS ON. I am trying SO HARD not to swear. it’s hooked up to a charger thing now. I could just SPIT.

you too?! are we ALL short, ladies?!!

April 18th, 2012
4:04 pm

My 16 year old granddaughter says I am not short! I am fun size!
Jan recently posted..Faith in a Phone Booth

April 19th, 2012
5:37 am

5’3″ here, and ladders are my friends. I have a short one that is supposed to be in my kitchen at all times but it got moved downstairs for our construction project and I miss it SO MUCH! Must reclaim it soon.

And you’re still my idol for fixing that tractor. Short is just a mere physical feature that you can’t change – like Jan said, it’s like your eye color – but fixing a tractor, that takes determination, hard work, and smarts. I’d rather be smart than tall any day.

April 19th, 2012
4:10 pm

Hahaha… That’s because you haven’t seen the state of my house.

Mother T
April 21st, 2012
12:11 pm

I’m 5’5″ tall with daughters that are 5’7″ & 5’10″. They are always telling me that I’m only short on one end. **sigh**

I’m glad you were able to get the power back on, even if it did take a giant of a man to flip the switch. I do agree with Jan, though, if you get a step ladder, it might be wise to have someone else around when you use it.

I tend to be accident-prone myself, so I don’t do any kind of step-stool/ladder when I’m alone, NO MATTER HOW MUCH I may want to!

Jenn Sullivan
April 23rd, 2012
12:09 am

I’m 5’6″ and although I think I’m a good height I’m constantly using BBQ tongs to “pull” things off of high shelves. I also use them to stab through food boxes on the top shelves in our cabinets and then once I’ve skewered whatever I need I can just pull it right down. We have step stools in the downstairs pantry, the upstairs office and in the garage and I still use chairs, spatulas and BBQ tongs (because they are sharper and longer than normal ones). When we put new cabinets int he laundry room hubby made them really low and I was so mad because I thought it looked weird, but now 2 years later I’m glad he did because I never have to stab anything in the laundry room or even climb onto the washer or dryer.
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