Sunday, May 27th 2012
At Least I Blink Now. And Speak. It’s Not Much, But It’s An Improvement.

What followed the unfiltered, say-anything  phase was a lot of quiet staring. And that would be why I haven’t blogged. I logged on to the little page where I blog and then I quietly stared. And that doesn’t translate well. Quiet staring is like that.

It’s not a depressed Quiet Staring place. Not at all. More contemplative than anything.

(how do y’all say that? I’m an ‘emphasis on the 2nd syllable’ type, myself.)

My friend and I were having breakfast burritos the other day – as we do every Tuesday morning during the school year – and we were both in a highly contemplative place. She’d leaned across the table, lowered her voice, and pointed out the obvious. “You and I have proven ourselves to be highly… naive.”

It cracked me up. It was so pathetically true. And an understatement. And then we did some Communal Quiet Staring. I quietly stared at my burrito, which was almost gone, and my friend leaned over and stared at it with me. She sighed and then said, “Yeah. I had a hair in mine today, too.”

It was straight, black, and about two inches long.

We looked at it together.

Two friends, contemplating the hair in the burrito.

“You know, it just doesn’t bother me. I think it’s because we’re like family here.”

“Exactly. I pretty much know who that hair came from, and that matters.”

“They know our NAMES. They know what burritos we want before we order them.”

“My hair was smaller than that, but really, what’s a couple of hairs among family?”



Really, we just had bigger problems in life than hairy burritos. And there wasn’t any energy at all left over to care about such a minor detail. So we didn’t.

Last night mom and I went to Jason’s deli and then on to a wonderful Jesus-y ballet thing. Mom usually gets the salad bar. (At Jason’s. Not at Jesus-y ballet things.) I told her that overlooking the hair in the burrito (which, when I told her, she did NOT get) was a lot like the time she had overlooked the LADYBUG in her salad at jason’s deli. Which, I admit, I did NOT get. It’s a WHOLE, DEAD BUG. Red and cute or not, that was a corpse. She picked it off, showed the manager, ate the rest of the salad, and happily exchanged her dead ladybug for a free strawberry shortcake.

She disagreed. Her ladybug was more ‘natural’ than the hair in my burrito.  I said that depended strongly on the amount of hair product used by the burrito guy.

There were no hairs in the zucchini grillinis we ordered last night at jason’s. (love those!) Actually, i really don’t know that for sure. If there were, we ate them. That would  more accurate.

I kinda love ballet. And Jesus. Not in that order. So a Saturday night featuring both was AWESOME. It was really, really well done. that’s all I’ll say though. I’m still being all contemplative about it.


I have the two year olds this morning at church. No time for quiet staring. It’ll be a fun ride.

Have a wonderful day, y’all!



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May 27th, 2012
5:07 pm

I’ve been known to pick a hair out of my food but not complain…like you said, there’s so much more to worry about. BUT, I don’t tell anyone when it happens or even afterward, cause people don’t usually get it and then I feel all icky when I hadn’t felt icky before that.

What was the Jesus-y ballet thing? Sounds nice. :)

May 29th, 2012
11:04 am

Hairs in food – eeewww. But bugs (dead or alive) in food? FAR worse! And I never, ever complain about food at a restaurant because I figure that even if they were in the wrong I may very well end up with a sneezer as a replacement if they’re in a bad mood. I’d rather not eat it and never go back than complain. So very passive aggressive of me, I know. :)

Jennifer Sullivan
June 2nd, 2012
11:56 pm

I laughed so hard. I was afraid I was going to wake Mary, and she is sleeping in her room with the door shut.
I so can’t handle hairy food. Whether it’s added as a garnish like yours was, or it’s part of the food (like kiwi). Gross.
The ladybug would have been okay with me too. It probably just got stuck on the truck with the lettuce it was eating and then held on tight. But the idea of a dead ladybug being called a carcass was hilarious to me.
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