Thursday, June 7th 2012
boy stuff

the divorce thing. it’s moving forward as of yesterday, although not officially. (yes, that totally made sense to ME.)  i’m thrilled. and drained. and i will not be discussing it. even though i want to discuss EVERYTHING, i will not, just for the sanity of everyone involved. it’s hard enough  on everyone without the additional stress that liveblogging the intricacies of the dissolution of a marriage could potentially bring.


that decision wasn’t requested. or advised. just… announced. just now. and there we go.


in other non-divorce news,

i got a voicemail from caden-8yr from camp today. he wasn’t screaming for his mommy. he was calling about money. interestingly. but the funds mike sent were just in a weird place and the whole thing was resolved. but you know, they let him near a phone and he did not beg for me to retrieve him, so YEA.

in all the pics i’ve seen of him, he’s wearing clothes that are not his. i know. i packed him. and these are some other boy child’s clothes. also, he wears a pair of oversized cheap sunglasses i’ve never seen and a neutral expression on his face. or maybe i just can’t see his face behind the sunglasses. but he isn’t trying to send me messages to come get him, with odd and dramatic body language, so there’s that.

i’m thinking he’s fine.


his baseball coach called and asked if he really, really had to miss his tournament. they really, REALLY need him at first base since he actually catches the ball… if there’s any… possible… way?  I said pretty much no. But that was a nice offer.  Caden-8yr returns from camp exactly at game time after a 10 hr bus ride. he probably can’t catch a ball at 1st base under those conditions. but maybe.


never know.  i didn’t offer seth-6yr, who also plays first base. in his last game, seth-6yr hit a single and three all the way to the fence type home runs, including a grand slam in which he almost passed the runner in front of him on his way to home base. he’s fast. and he has figured out batting.


in camp photos, ethan-12yr looks animated, happy, and in familiar clothing. this is far more than i expected.  he’s also mostly clean looking. it’s a combination that makes me REALLY want to hug him and kiss his little face.


one of them, PRAISE JESUS, actually WROTE ME A LETTER. but did not sign his name. seth-6yr analyzed the handwriting and declared it to be caden-8yr. I agreed.

but it was the first time either of us has analyzed handwriting, and we could be wrong.





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June 7th, 2012
5:28 pm

You’re so much braver than me. :) Though sending my kids off to camp and keeping my mouth shut about something I really want to talk about do sound like nice things I would love to try. Especially if I think I should keep my mouth shut about it for the listener’s sake. But I don’t think you need to not talk about it for our sake. Maybe for your own legal safety’s sake. Until the divorce is final. Lawyers and stuff like that can turn ugly so quickly. It sounds like yours is going smoothly. I’ll keep praying for it to end smoothly too. <3

June 7th, 2012
6:20 pm

I’m so glad he isn’t begging you to get him home NOW. I love it that you are getting pictures, and that you got at least one letter!
Re: the divorce, if you want to talk, you know how to get hold of me. If you don’t, that’s fine too.
I’m thinking you should have offered Seth. Sounds like he is having another championship season.
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June 9th, 2012
2:14 pm

I’m glad to hear the divorce is finally moving forward. I hope, for your sake, that it will go from “not officially” to “officially” soon.

Yay for Caden-8yr having a good time at camp! Now you have me wondering if he’s going to get back home with his own clothes or a suitcase full of someone else’s clothes. :) I hope both he and Ethan-12yr have tons of wonderfully happy, fun stories to tell you when they get home.

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