Tuesday, June 26th 2012
tired. bugs. laundry.

the heat index was 112 today when the boys and i decided to stop – mid road trip – and hang out at a zoo for a few hours.

one hundred and TWELVE.

we ate snow cones and put pink lemonade ice cubes down our shirts. even though that would make us sticky for the rest of the road trip.

the zoo idea was a good decision, even with the temperature.

the ice cubes were a good decision, even with the icky stickiness.

the snow cones were a good decision, even though i generally object to their existence.

i’m only blogging because i put my pillow through the wash by mistake and it isn’t quite dry yet. i cannot possibly go to bed without it. i cannot possibly go to bed with a damp pillow, either.

and so here we are.

there’s also a large spider in the bathroom. as long as i’m telling you the fascinating details of my life right this second instead of sleeping.

since the spider slaying boys were asleep already, i sprayed the spider with oxyclean laundry stain fighter stuff.

and it’s waaaaay tougher on stains than it is on large spiders.

there’s a very large spider, with a slight limp (thanks, oxyclean), who has crawled into the basket of clean towels in the bathroom now.

that terrifies me.

i’ll wash the whole thing tomorrow and hope i don’t see it.

better yet, i’ll ask one of the boys to do it.


mmmm. am. so. tired.

there’s also a fly. here. in the bedroom.

i wish the spider felt well enough to eat the fly. but it probably doesn’t.

my fault.

i messed with the food chain, there, and this is the consequence.


when it’s 112 in various parts of the state, the bugs come INSIDE.

and that’s just not right, either.

i object.


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June 27th, 2012
6:10 am

I recommend hairspray for spiders. Don’t know if it kills them or not, but if you use enough (a LOT) it will make them so sticky they can’t move. Then it will be stuck there until the spider killing brigade can come to the rescue. Sure, your wall will be sticky too, but walls can be washed and based on the pink lemonade ice cubes I’m guessing you’re not afraid of a little sticky.

June 27th, 2012
6:47 pm

I have to have a snow cone at least once every summer. They don’t taste like they did when I was a kid, but I keep hoping.
We took two of our grandsons to a fish hatchery today. They had a great time. I took a 3 hour nap afterward.
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July 2nd, 2012
9:34 pm

We were out on a road trip when the temperature went well over 100 too. I happened to have dollar store spray bottles filled with water and they worked wonders for the heat wave!! Ooooh, you’ve gotta try it. You can keep a bottle in your car for emergencies. Like when you have to get back in your broiling car after being in a store. You turn the air on high, spray everything and mist the air a few times as the air blows. Spray the kids down too if they’re willing. The evaporation on a day like that was fast and cooling. On a humid day, it might make things worse… But probably not much worse than being sticky from lemonade icecubes, lol.

I’ll relate my advice for curing spiderphobias too, while I’m here. I’ve always been terrified of spiders until we moved into my grandmother’s house. She has brown recluses everywhere. My fear tripled for a while, but what can you do, really? We have spider traps. And we’ve had the exterminator here. But that doesn’t really get rid of them. They’re just here to stay. So we educated ourselves on them as much as possible. We now know that antihistamines will keep you from developing a nasty reaction to brown recluse venom. Awesome. No necrosis of the flesh for us. In fact, it’s just your body’s immune system freaking out and attacking the venom and surrounding skin cells that causes all the problems. Like bee stings being lethal. We learned that other spiders are helpful in keeping the brown recluses out because they’re all territorial or whatever. So now, it feels like the other spiders are our buddies. We don’t mind when one goes scurrying across the floor anymore. Good. AND. We discovered that our brown recluses are all some sort of stupid inbred redneck spiders. If you see one, you’ve usually got plenty of time to go into the next room and locate something to squish it with. They just sit there stupidly like “Derrrr”.

Well, my advice here sounds pretty dumb, I guess. “Get brown recluses to cure your fear of spiders” doesn’t sound so helpful, I suppose. It just worked for us, somehow. :(

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