Wednesday, July 25th 2012
I Am NOT Afraid of That Tattoo. (I’m Really Not.)

It’s Wednesday. Glorious Wednesday.

The one day in which baseball is not on the schedule.  Even Sunday has the occasional practice. But Wednesday is all ours.

We – accidentally – fell through the cracks of the baseball world here and ended up in A Totally Different Baseball-y Place. In this new place, baseball is…. intense. Different. Hard core. Teams are comprised of players and families who apparently GLADLY organize their entire lives around baseball skills, games, practices, trips, equipment and everything else. As you can imagine, the level of play is WAY higher than we’re used to.

Which is good. I like it when Seth-6yr is not always a star, and he has to push himself to keep up. It’s good for him. Caden-8yr is on a team with much older kids. Seth-6yr is on a team of kids who ARE his age but they play teams made up of much older kids. So that changes things.

They’re fine. But the whole new baseball world we slipped and fell into is kinda too much for ME. I long for the leagues in which you can have an off day, skip a practice, or go on a trip without feeling the need to apologize forever. Not that I’m going on a trip. But the intensity is just… eh. It’ll be over next month. We’ll make it.  I just don’t want to sign them up again.

Seth-6yr’s coach is a really nice guy.  I genuinely like the guy and appreciate his approach to the sport and to the kids. But I was definitely asking google what it means to have an empty teardrop tattoo under one’s eye, because it just seemed a bit… I don’t know, surprising. In previous prissy-by-comparison leagues, the coaches are usually white collar, hands-on dads who may or may not know anything about baseball, but they have read a few faith-based nonfiction parenting books and heard a few rousing sermons on the positive bonding influence of engaging in their child’s extracurricular activities. And I’ve never seen an empty teardrop tattoo in those leagues.  But HEY. That’s okay. And it’s probably better that it isn’t a filled in, solid teardrop tattoo, according to my research. That may be yet another league.)

Yesterday Seth-6yr and I spent many hours on the art of fence repair. I LIKE fixing fences. A lot. I may not be very good at it, but this doesn’t bother me. Fence slats needed to be purchased, stained, and put into place. I held Seth-6yr steady while he stood on the ladder and tried to tell him that hammering a nail is probably like hitting a baseball. It works a lot better if you look at the nail, just like you really have to look hard at the ball when the pitch is coming.

He nodded. Started hammering the nail a lot more effectively. Then, “Did you ever PLAY baseball?”

Ha. Uh… no. It’s just that this league has taken over our lives and my mind and now everything is baseball – even fence repair – even though no i do NOT play baseball.

But it’s Wednesday. No baseball. And here I am, making it about baseball. SEE?! It’s taking over the world. Make it STOP!!!


4 Comments on “I Am NOT Afraid of That Tattoo. (I’m Really Not.)”

July 25th, 2012
1:02 pm

When our kids were that age, sports began to take over our lives. Since our son is a coach, and my brother is a coach at the same high school, and our grandson plays football (among other things), and our granddaughter cheers (among many other things) we are experiencing a feeling of deja vu. Get used to it. With three sports-oriented boys, your life is already saturated with sports and testosterone. Have fun!
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sara r
July 25th, 2012
1:03 pm

. . . and according to my friend Google, it’s even better that it isn’t a half-filled teardrop!!!!!!!!!

sara r
July 25th, 2012
1:05 pm

Oops, didn’t mean to imply the ‘thug’ part! :-\

December 27th, 2015
11:56 am

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