Wednesday, August 29th 2012
Blue Moon Soon

Blue moon coming up on Friday. Are you ready to do all those things that you only do once in a… blue moon?

I think I’ll be (happily) alone most of that day, in a different city. Maybe breakfast with HolyCousin, lunch with LaLa, maybe visiting LaLa’s  favorite fabric store. Then staying with my dad and stepmom for a few days. Time with HolyCousin. Time learning everything I can from my dad on the subject of power tools.  I bought a craftsman 10″ table saw off craigslist and a new blade and I haven’t even  fired it up yet.  So, daddy, teach me that router! Table saw basics! Time to help paint their bedroom, and time to walk around with animals or maybe mow pastures. Time to eat whatever memorable and amazing things my stepmother describes as, “oh that’s nothing, kels, i just threw that together!”

There are new developments in every single interesting part of my life. And none of it can be discussed here. So I’ll go to my dad’s. Where you can’t even get a cell signal and you forget why you’d want one.



3 Comments on “Blue Moon Soon”

August 29th, 2012
6:42 pm

Sounds great. Wish you could come a little further east and stay a while with us. Have a great time.
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August 30th, 2012
10:05 am

Have a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing time!

Mowing pastures – does that mean riding the blue tractor? Because if it does, I might have to be a little jealous. ;)
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September 2nd, 2012
1:31 am

Hope you have a good, refreshing time away! :)

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