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Hat Heroine

September 22nd, 2012 at 6:00 pm » Comments (4)

There’s just SO much to say. That’s the lame reason i offer for my silence. Lame sounding? OH YES. But very, very true.

I’ll blog all about it one day, probably. I’m like that. You know that. But for now, let’s discuss Nothing of Significance. My fave!


The Spiderman Drama:

It was a bad hair day last week. A grab a hat and pull a ponytail through the back kind of day. I couldn’t FIND a hat. Everywhere, I looked. No hat. Finally, i borrowed some boy-child’s Spiderman hat. It was navy. Spidey is embroidered on the front. It wasn’t THAT bad. I was going to take the kids to school, have breakfast with a friend, take a dog to the vet, come home and do a lot of work in the house.

The kids disagreed mightily that my choice of hat was acceptable for ANY reason.

Seth-6yr said, “LET ME SEE YOUR HAIR. I can help you STICK IT DOWN if that’s the problem. Because whatever your hair looks like, it would look better than that hat.”

I think it’s HIS hat. And I think it looks darling on him, and I didn’t think it would be quite so…. offensive on me. SO WRONG.

“Where are YOUR hats?”

“Can’t find em.”

He raised his eyebrows and in a sing song-y voice said, “I think somebody needs to buy some more hah- atts.”

And I think somebody needs to lighten uh-up. But that wasn’t gonna happen.

Caden-8yr enters the scene and looks at my head. “You aren’t walking us into school today, right?”

Caden-8yr gets RIGHT to the point.

“Yes I WAS.”

“but now you’re not, right?”


“MOM! It’s just that you’re a girl. And that’s not Hello Kitty.”

(I don’t own a Hello Kitty hat, thank you very much.)

“I’m a mom of three boys. It’s perfectly fine for me to occasionally wear a superhero. I’m going to the VET. It’s NOT A BIG DEAL.”

Which is ridiculous for me to try to claim. It was clearly the biggest deal around here in at least a week.

I took the boys to school. I made them kiss me in the car since they wouldn’t let me walk them in, and that morning I went to the vet. He did not CARE that I had a bad hair day and Spiderman was saving the day. He probably didn’t even notice. He was busy trying to convince me that yes, I do want a job, and I want a job THERE. It was interesting. He convinced me to come in for an initial interview later when his office manager would be available.

It probably won’t work anyway. I took OFF the hat before the interview, by the way. But then when I told the office manager that I would only consider part-time while the kids were at school, she had no idea why I was there. They really wanted one full time person. She asked how many days and hours i was looking for, and the vet – eavesdropping in the hall – stuck his head in the door and confessed that I really wasn’t looking at all – he just thought it might work out.

And… that’s weird.

I’m kinda…. REALLY busy. At the moment. At this particular time. And I don’t know if that’s really what I’m wanting or needing to do anyway, but I figured I’d entertain the idea for a day or two.

One day I’ll tell the boys about it and i will be sure and tell them that I was drafted for a job interview while wearing THAT hat. It may be my lucky hat! I hadnt’ thought of that. That’s actually too bad.

Because I think Seth-6yr hid it.





Michele, Jeana, Jenn, GW, Sarah: I love you. Thank you.