Monday, October 22nd 2012
MLKG Finds a Home

The housing crisis has been averted. I’ve pulled the house off the market, offered (pleadingly) it to Mike, and found the PERFECT little rent house. There’s a long and unusual explanation as to why this was the only logical decision. But I won’t go there. I’m just glad to get out from under a huge mortgage and if Mike can pay it instead and the kids can still be in this home part-time… win/win/win.

I kinda wish I could tell you all the details, simply because it was BREATHTAKING to see how God put it all together in a way that only He could. The landlord of the new place wouldn’t dream of offering me stripper heels. He said under normal circumstances he’d never rent to me in a million years. (thanks.) We talked family and faith and pets and how out of 26 people who wanted that house… 25 others who probably had FAR better credit and fewer pets and kids than I did… but somehow he knew it was mine.

There’s a very unusual, very specific, rare rare rare thing about this house that was a direct answer to a tiny detail of one of my children’s prayers.  It was one of those things that I could point to and say, “look, babe. that’s something i NEVER could have done for you. But God did. Because He loves you THAT much, and He wanted you to know He heard you when you said that.”


So. The house thing? God totally took care of that. Of me. Of my kiddos.

We move next week. It’s a sweet little house in town. Big yard. 4 bedrooms. Cheap. LOVE it. It’s already so special to me. It has all the wonderful things about the first house Mike and I bought. Huge south facing living room window with tons of light pouring in, huge trees (that’s NOT a given here), older home with character…. looooove it. Am so, so  grateful for this little place.

The mailbox is on the house. Not out by the street at the end of the sidewalk. So…. I could totally open the door, reach an arm out, grab mail, and not accidentally run into neighbors. IT HAS A MAILBOX FOR THOSE WITH SOCIAL ANXIETY. It was made for me.

Speaking of social anxiety.

It struck hardcore this weekend. As in, there was a party. I went, and brought a friend. Who, WHAT? Has social anxiety worse than me in some specific ways and I just did not KNOW? Yes. That is what happened. We were supposed to dress up. I do not normally observe Halloween in ANY way. Ever. I just don’t like the scary/evil side of it and generally just ignore it completely. But this was, for some reason, compelling and exactly when I was just starting to come out of my forever long divorce funk and somehow there was a social invitation extended and accepted. WEIRD.

I’m not a dress up party type. Or a dress up type. Or a party type. Or maybe even a type. It was confusing where to start. We went to a halloween store my friend recommended. INSTANT anxiety attack, good grief, there were CHILDREN in there, get them outta there and call child protective services what were those mamas thinking?! It was SCARY in there. Not a Party Store type vibe. A welcome to the Dark Side, Now SPEND vibe. YUCK.

Also? Women’s costumes are SLUTTY. As a rule. I had no idea.

We left.

Eventually I went for Modest Leopard Kitty Girl Next Door.  My Friend went for Dark And Interesting Angel. No Halo. These were difficult choices. Because Leopard Kitty Girl In Heat was WAY common and easy to choose a costume for, but Modest Leopard Kitty Girl Next Door was practically impossible. Made it work, though. It was the same with Dark Angel, No Halo. Sordid would have been easier, but… ick.


We like jeans. Angels and Modest Leopards can like jeans.

Here we are in my closet. Smiling. FULLY convinced we are about to go have a great time. HA. Um… HA.

And here I am, incredibly confused about what I am, because I’m flaring my nostrils like a pig. And growling. In a really unattractive way. But, cute tail, right? 

So we went. And then we were really afraid to actually get out of the car. And we watched Dracula smoke a cigarette while he watched the sunset. Then a black dog came and barked at us, like, “DUDE. GET OUT OF THE CAR ALREADY. IT”S BEEN TEN MINUTES. AND THE TALL ONE HAS SOME FEATHERY WING THINGS I”D TOTALLY LIKE TO SNIFF.”

The dog got us going. Dracula turned out to be the bartender. We roamed. Smiled. Nodded. Walked. Strolled the grounds. And then we sat and nervously wondered what the hell we were doing and then when we couldn’t stand it any longer we left.

We had spoken to lots of animals. Not people. Not other people dressed as animals. Just animals. And each other. And then we left. We tried to tell ourselves we’d been completely successful JUST FOR GOING. But…. yeah, whatever. We de-accessorized and went to Cheddar’s with altogether too much makeup on our faces.

Dark Angel, No Halo asked what we learned. I couldn’t come up with anything. She said she had absolutely faced a fear by going there. It was some sort of victory in her mind. And that was enough for me. She asked again what I’d learned and I said, “Um… well… I did something I’ve never done before with… er… eyeshadow.”

SHUT UP. It was all I could think of. Although now that I have time to look at pictures, I could have said, “I HAVE LEARNED TO SHUT THE STUPID LINGERIE DRAWERS BEFORE PICTURE TIME.”

Then I ate too many onion rings (GEEEEZ i love onion rings) and that was it.


That’s how I’ve been. In case you wondered.

(It’s better than expected, right?)






5 Comments on “MLKG Finds a Home”

October 22nd, 2012
7:42 pm

I HAVE been wondering how you are. Hooray for answered prayers on the house! And glad you got out to a party even if you didn’t stay long. :) Thanks for the pictures. :)

October 22nd, 2012
8:09 pm

Much better than expected! so glad you found the right place. I had faith that you would. I hope Mike keeps the house. Being able to be there part of the time would help the boys, I think. Love your kitty ears and tail! Thanks for posting pictures!
Jan recently posted..Uncle Hardy, Big Tex, and Santa Claus

October 23rd, 2012
12:31 pm

So so SO happy about the house! This is now one of my favorite stories on letting God.

And I am beyond proud of you for attempting to attend a Halloween party, even if the only ones you talked to were 4 legged. Baby steps girl…baby steps.

October 24th, 2012
4:32 pm

So glad to hear you found a home! And with a landlord who talks about his faith. SO much better than one who offers icky stripper shoes to your friends.

I love the very tasteful leopard costume. Very cute. And yay for you for going out and having a little fun with a friend! Even if you did only talk to the animals. You were out. And that’s a great step!

October 29th, 2012
6:14 am

I am so glad you found a place! Warning: the mailbox may actually increase anxiety momentarily, the first hundred or so times you hear or see someone on the front porch, freak the flip out, and then realize it’s the mailman. Also: if one of your boys should happen to leave a large rock on the porch and then the unraked leaves should happen to drift in and cover the rock up, you should close your blinds so you don’t have to make eye contact when the mailman trips over the rock and says some wirty-dords.

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