Wednesday, October 24th 2012
mlkg mistaken identity. now: djg

Modest Leopard Kitty Girl was never anything of the sort, it turns out.

I was in the kitchen with the boys after school one day and they saw my mlkg accessories. Seth-7yr asked me to put it all on. Then he shook his head and gave a nervous laugh. Ethan-12 yr asked for details,  which i provided.

when i got to the part where i get nervous and leave the party early without talking to anyone, Caden-8yr cringed and nodded in a “been there” sort of way.

Ethan-12yr listened politely and then said, “you are not a leopard.”

“OH! The package said leopard. But I knew you’d know the difference. What is it?”

Ethan-12yr can analyze any animal print anywhere and tell you the difference between cheetah, leopard, and jaguar. It’s a skill.


He looked at everything, and picked up a black collar with a rhinestone on it that I had decided not to wear and announced, “domesticated jaguar.”

Okay, that offended me.

“DOMESTICATED JAGUAR?” I gave him my best hissing paw batting pig nostril flaring action and he was unmoved. ¬†”How’s THAT for domesticated?!”

(I’d had a hard day.)

He looked at the silly black rhinestone thing in his hand, dropped it on the kitchen counter, dismissively said, “THIS is a collar. The symbol of domesticated animals everywhere.” And he walked off.

What is it about preteens that can REALLY put you in your place?

(And species and genus and all of that too)



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October 29th, 2012
7:55 pm

How can he tell that it is a jaguar? You didn’t wear the collar, did you? So no matter what the designer had in mind, YOU were not domesticated!
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