Monday, November 19th 2012
Beige Roachy Stripes are UGLY

* I’m hungry. And I just had a massive shower tower caddy thing fall on me in a surprisingly painful way. And I screamed and not one of three boys heard me. Which is good because I don’t like it when they barge into the bathroom, but it also doesn’t make me feel better to know that my screams do not penetrate through these walls. YIKES. So  I’m hungry and I just got attacked by a shower thingy and basically there’s no flow to this blog post. I’m just warning you. It’s all over the place. So am I.


I have learned the value in vertical storage. over the door hooks, shoe racks, tall shower shelf tower thingies, etc. Suddenly there is space where before there was nothing. it’s glorious. All of y’all probably already knew that. I know. I’m new to space maximization and it’s still a thrill. (tell me your other ideas, if you have them. i do not pinterest or facebook – the virtual bastions of such helpful tidbits, I would imagine.)

Also. Be careful if you spray roach spray a bit too emphatically. My first night here there were boxes stacked floor to ceiling in my bedroom. I sprayed in the small spaces between each stack in my bid to win the roach war. Now I’ve unpacked and I’ve wondered what those interesting beige vertical lines are on the wall. It’s sort of like a faux paint treatment, but not well done. it’s a bit tacky looking, really.

And then one morning I was gazing at that wall and realized that I was responsible. Roach spray as a paint treatment. Multi tasking.

I’ll paint the walls and cover it up when I’m completely unpacked, as a reward of some sort. I’ve decided on Benjamin Moore’s pink swirl. It’s subtle. Light. Peachier than a baby pink. Single momhood is the PERFECT time to have a pink bedroom I think. I can’t wait. Pink Swirl bedroom walls that have a secret roach repelling power. I love it. I need it. (I’m SO winning the roach war.)


Business. It’s taking off! That little obsession with painting old grody furniture and giving it new life? TOTALLY working out. And thank GOD, because I needed it to take off riiiiight now. A business I love and I can work from home and still be here for the boys, especially in the summer. This is good. I think, dream, sleep, breathe combinations of delightfully garish paint colors.

The other night I had painted until I hurt everywhere. I’d finished up 6 requested pieces. (yay!) I was falling asleep and had just envisioned the world’s most perfect hug. It came to my front door. It was that last unrealistic thought somewhere between conscious and subconscious. And then. THEN. There was a knock at the front door.  A real one.

My eyes opened and my heart raced and I thought how no one knows where I live and i did not once think, “oh. that’s a warm and fuzzy perfect HUG that has miraculously appeared at my doorstep.” GEEZ. I stayed perfectly still and waited until the person left. The kids weren’t here. It scared me to pieces. I don’t know who lived here before me. If that person had visitors dropping in at midnight. But I don’t. And that’s creepy. I should have gotten up. Grabbed a phone and a mop or something. Or roach spray. that’s always handy. I shoulda grabbed that.

(No, I don’t own a ‘welcome’ mat. Welcome mats blow away here because it’s so windy. And because I’m unapologetically unwelcoming, I just WILL them away with the power of my mind.)


ohmygosh i’m hungry. that didn’t make any sense at all.

love y’all.




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November 19th, 2012
1:46 pm

I love that you are painting things! Walls, furniture. What is it about color that just makes life feel better? I looked up Benjamin Moore’s Pink Swirl. It’s pretty close to the color in my office which is Dutch Boy’s Iced Shrimp (almost the same color as my blog background). Icky name, but a great color. Perfect for the shabby chic-y look I’m going for.

Anytime I spend the night alone, I always have a phone within reach, just in case. I’ve had a couple of weird midnight knocks on the door and I agree. Creepy! You’ll probably never need it, but a phone with 911 on the speed dial is never a bad idea.
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November 19th, 2012
6:00 pm

If you get any more good storage ideas, I’d love to hear them too! With a husband and 3 boys who do not like to throw anything away, I need all the help I can get!
Yay for painting things! I wish I could send some stuff to you to fix up. But with postage…might not be in our budget. :)
I’m hardly ever alone at home at night, but I do keep my phone nearby when I am (although I seriously don’t know who I’d call in an emergency. We don’t have a good system like 911 and if I am alone at night that means the reliable man to call (hubby) is probably out of town.)

November 19th, 2012
7:50 pm

IKEA. If you can afford it. Some of it I can, but the stuff I really want is outta my reach. Maybe check ebay and see if someone conveniently wants to get rid of it…

You need a mean as piss dog that hates men. Likes children. Then teach it to “sick balls”. Trust me.

You’re in my prayers.

November 21st, 2012
9:21 am

pot rack for the kitchen, or wall hooks. All our mugs and measuring cups are on hooks underneath the upper cabinets, easy to see and grab even before I am fully awake. Shelves. In the bedrooms, closets, living room, everywhere there is 6 or 8 inches of depth wall space.
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November 27th, 2012
4:19 pm

y’all always have the best insight. and phrases. (melissa! ha!) and i need to go look up iced shrimp.

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