Sunday, November 4th 2012
Checking In

I’ll be brief.

I’m fine. I hope and pray that all of you are as well.


I’m internetless at my new house, so i’m VERY behind on emails and blogging and news and everything else. This doesn’t bother me much. I’ve been busy.


You know when you move and you end up with bruises from head to toe just from… moving?  The boxes that smash your fingers and the walls you run into, and all of that? Just part of it. I’m still there. The bruised, but relocated, unpacking part. And that is FINE.

It’s a sweet little house and I’m SO grateful to have gotten it. There’s a fire station nearby and I awake to sirens a lot… but I’m getting used to it. The biggest dilemma was the roaches. OH MY GOSH. They were everywhere.

I battled them night and day and researched and consulted experts and bought and sprayed and sprinkled and disinfected and vacuumed and  then did it all over again. And again. And again. And I’m getting there. I will WIN this battle. I WILL. I’m very close to winning.  I only saw one alive today. It was a good day.

Until then, I twitch every time the cat brushes up against me at night and wake up fully to assure myself it’s just the cat in bed with me. One time it was NOT the cat. And that’s enough to make a light sleeper of me.

My mom helped me move. By ‘helped’ I mean that she packed i don’t even KNOW how many boxes for like, 6 weeks, and then she was there working with me all day on Move Day. Move Day is difficult to talk about. To think about. It hurts to remember.

I have no emotional pain about the move.


I have relief and gratitude.

But it took the movers FOURTEEN hours and a 44 foot long truck and by the time we were done I thought I’d just die. I smelled, I was beyond exhausted, bruised everywhere, sore everywhere, and aching everywhere for days. It cost a WHOLE lot more than I’d planned. I’m still recovering financially and physically from Move Day.

My dad came out. He saw one picture of the roach right next to my bed at 11 at night and texted back, “Your stepmom says I’ll see you tomorrow. Go to bed.” He drove out first thing the next morning and stayed for a couple of days and fixed everything he could get his hands on. He’ll come back and do more in a few weeks. There’s no shortage of broken stuff to fix or improve. It’s an older house and I ADORE every bit of it… but there are issues.  Daddy plans to replace every electrical outlet in the house. For some reason, when you plug something in, the plug falls right out. You can duct tape a vacuum cord into the outlet and vacuum… but you better not wiggle the cord or you’ll be re-taping.

The kids are good. The animals are good. I’m so, SO thankful.  I’m so grateful to be settling into this new life. It’s very sweet.

Home is a good place to be.

I hope y’all are home safe and sound as well.


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November 5th, 2012
10:40 am

I’ve always been attracted to Texas with its reputation for rugged individualism and its lack of income tax. But the bugs. I could not handle the bugs. Up here roaches are pretty rare. It’s not like we don’t have any bugs, but its nothing like what you guys have down there (from what I hear, anyway).

Glad you’re getting settled in. I hope you and your boys love your new home.

Also, I LOVE that your dad came and helped you out with stuff after seeing the roach picture. That is just so very sweet.
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November 5th, 2012
3:03 pm

Oh your mom and dad. God bless them. So thankful you have parents to love on you. Love the text from your dad. So sweet.
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November 5th, 2012
3:06 pm

So glad to hear you are all okay, and finally moved into your little house. Moving is my least favorite thing to do. When Wick was in construction early in our marriage, we moved 13 times in three years, and had two babies along the way. Hope the roach problem is resolved by now. Love you!
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November 5th, 2012
5:59 pm

I’m glad you successfully moved into a house you are happy with and are slowly recovering from it. You have wonderfully sweet parents. :)

November 5th, 2012
10:54 pm

umm, not sure if “no pain” about the move is so good. ?? Of course I have the tendency to feel both good and bad about any given situation, glad your moved – still praying for you

Jenn Sullivan
November 6th, 2012
10:49 pm

So I would text you this, but it’s late in TX… First – any contact paper in drawers or shelves needs to go, the paste attracts roaches they like to eat it.
Then, go get the following:
1. Outdoor Yellow bug lights, one to replace each outdoor light.
2. Bug Bombs
3. Diatomaceous Earth
4. Glue traps or tracking glue boards (maybe 6 or 7)
5. Possibly a couple roach bait stations. Up to you…
6. Terro Roach granules (Orange bag at most hardware stores) – this is for outside too.
When you get back do this:
1. Open all the interior doors, cupboards, cabinets, drawers, microwave. Make sure you don’t have the pilot light on if you have a gas water heater or stove. (Maybe have your dad help with this part). Take the animals to your mom’s for the day & set off the bug bombs after reading the directions THOROUGHLY and then leave for the time required. Then when you go back in clean everything up per the bug bomb directions.
2. Replace the outdoor lights with the yellow bug lights. & then sprinkle the granules in the yard, read the directions because your state could have different laws than NV, but if you can sprinkle around the trees and plants and in the grass & rocks, not on the patio or cement areas.

3. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around all openings into the home (it’s safe for you, the kids & dogs it’s just crushed sea shells but it destroys bugs). Sprinkle it behind the oven, fridge, dishwasher, washer & dryer & under the sinks. Sprinkle it under cabinet panels too if there are any. This will work as long as it stays dry. If it gets wet clean it up and replace it.

4. The glue boards only put where the dogs and cat can’t get to them. They are good in the corners of the garage and under appliances. This will let you know where you still have a problem coming from later on… Then you can treat specific areas based on the glue boards.

5.If you are going to put down roach bait stations don’t just leave them down for good. Remove them once you stop seeing roaches or within 30 days so you don’t attract them once you get them under control.

If you do all of this then you should see a huge difference. It’s important to do all of it because the bug bombs will give a huge once over of chemical to knock down the hidden roaches. The outdoor stuff will keep more from coming in. The diatomaceous earth is to continue to kill the babies that last through the bug bombing and the bait is for the same reason – the babies will eat it and then others will eat the dead roach – it’s a domino affect.

Also, don’t leave the animal food out at all. Not dry food, wet food, or human food. When the animals are done eating put any remaining food in a ziploc bag. Put the animal food in vacuum seal containers instead of their regular bags.

Oh and if any try to come up the drains (they do here in Vegas) you can buy food grade glycerin, run a little water down the drain and follow it with a tsp of the glycerin then they can’t crawl up. Repeat every couple of weeks or months depending on the usage the drain gets…

I know this is a lot of work, but from someone who deals with major infestations all the time I promise you that this will take care of the rest of the problem, although it won’t happen overnight but within 30 days you shouldn’t see anymore inside, at least alive. Oh and whenever you vacuum up roaches empty it out right away & wear a mask while doing it if you don’t have a HEPA filter on it. They cause asthma and allergies and the vacuum just puts all that junk in the air. Yay right?

Glad you found a great home. : )

Mother T
November 7th, 2012
10:38 am

I’m glad you are all moved. Hopefully by now the bug situation is well under control. (Roaches, YUCK!!!!) I thought I was the only one who got bruised from moving around boxes, etc! I always looked like an abused child when we moved.

I told my hubby when we bought this house that unless I heard an audible voice of God, I wasn’t moving again, so he better make sure he liked where we were. (I’ve still got boxes from our move 11 years ago. I need to just take them un-opened to Goodwill or Salvation Army.)

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