Friday, November 9th 2012
Note to Self:


Dear Kelsey,

The next time you move….

1. beware of awesomely pristine looking cardboard boxes in dumpsters. it’s entirely possible to grab a friend – who is similarly not opposed to dumpster diving – and fill an ENTIRE large SUV with hundreds of gorgeous like-new and totally free badly needed boxes. And then to go thoroughly wash hands, eat breakfast,  and come out when it has warmed up 15 degrees and realize you have managed to make your entire car reek of garbage. hot garbage.

2. do not hesitate to clearly label all boxes. don’t be secretive. don’t be modest. label one box, clearly and in large capital neon letters, “THIS IS THE MAXI PAD BOX RIIIIIIIGHT HERE.” Trust me. This is a good idea.

3. check with the moving company and when they give you a quote, ask if there’s a way you could CAP that should they be off by, say, a WHOLE LOT.

4. have a game plan of exactly what to do when one kid poops in the potty and the plumbing freaks out and then the poop travels through pipes in surprising ways and ends up in the BATHTUB another kid is in. A specific game plan. With bleach. And plumber products and phone numbers and more bleach, and like, PLANS. Because sending a panicked all caps text out that fully conveys the magnitude of the Traveling Poo incident might be an okay thing to do, but it’s largely unhelpful. So is running around and screaming.

5. exterminator. hire one BEFORE you move in. (or follow Jenn’s advice in the comments in the previous section to the LETTER.)

6. give stuff away. mountains and mountains of stuff. otherwise you’ll get to the new place and have three BOXES marked “cardigans” and realize you are a sweater hoarder, and cold natured or not – that amount of cardigans is ridiculous. Give some away already. No texan needs three boxes of cardigans. certainly not with this closet space. downSIZE. do it BEFORE you move so that you don’t pay the movers to move all your excess.

7. edit the stuff your mother will pack.

“I feel like you have a secret LIFE. When do you wear all these dresses?”

why don’t you ever wear this bikini? it’s SO CUTE.”

“You don’t REALLY want all these Christian save your marriage books, right?” 

(helllll-no. don’t  give them away, THROW THEM AWAY. what do you mean… that one trash bag isn’t big enough?)

8. nevermind on #7. those were good talks.

9. have a REALLY good reason for moving. because it’s a lot of trouble.  (totally had that. no problem.)

10. move somewhere with squirrels. it’s fantastically entertaining to watch the dogs lose it over squirrels. there’s no going back to a non squirrel home after this.



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November 9th, 2012
6:13 pm

Our chihuahuas love chasing squirrels. Trouble is, the squirrels are bigger than the dogs. All your advice about moving is right on target, especially #6.
Jan recently posted..Uncle Hardy, Big Tex, and Santa Claus

November 15th, 2012
4:31 am

Yup. Sounds about right. If you know someone who works at a warehouse or manufacturing facility, they may have access to lots of nice clean boxes in a variety of sizes that you could use since they’ll just be sent off for recycling anyway.
Geekwif recently posted..NoNaNoFoMe

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