Sunday, January 27th 2013
Boys Are Weird

Yesterday I was curled up on the couch with Seth-7yr. We were all watching some sort of dog movie. We had all voiced our unanimous opinion that there was way too much hugging and kissing and romance in dog movies lately, and we’d tried to pick one without all of that. Unsuccessfully.

So there we were. Seth-7yr snuggled up next to me, wearing only dinosaur pajama pants. I complimented him on them, and he said, “I am glad you like them. They took a LONG time to put on.” I asked why. “Because my feet were wet.”


So it was halfway through a too-romantic dog movie and suddenly there was this… smell. And that’s putting it nicely. And Seth-7yr started laughing so hard he was crying and he choked out the words, “I! Am! SO!? SORRY! Mom!! I got an upgrade!”

His brothers looked on with disbelief. They clearly understood what he meant – they just couldn’t believe he’d said it. They speak the same language, these weird boy children. But I had NO idea. Upgrade…? WHAT?

I asked.

He could hardly talk because he was still laughing. But finally he answered that he had obviously gotten ‘a surprise upgrade’ since his last toot and that’s why it was, you know, SO MUCH STRONGER than usual.

An upgrade. 

I NEVER would have guessed that meaning. EVER.



3 Comments on “Boys Are Weird”

Mother T
January 28th, 2013
9:37 am

Oh, it just gets more weird the older they get! Boys have a language all their own.

January 29th, 2013
1:51 am

You don’t have to convince me! But at least they’re awfully cute – upgrades, weirdness, noise and all!

January 29th, 2013
6:18 pm

I agree, boys ARE weird. Yesterday my son was practicing his trumpet on the piano bench. He was sitting all awkward on the seat since it was pulled so close to the piano. I asked him to stand up while I bent down to scoot the seat out.

I smelled the most gawd-awful smell ever. Silent but deadly. OH MY GOSH WHAT JUST EEKED OUT OF YOUR BUTT??!!

He starts laughing so hard he starts crying. I am at a loss with the whole bodily functions -please-go-to-the-BATHROOM if you need to do that!!

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