Monday, March 25th 2013

My eye is twitching. Just below my left eye, there is a persistent twitch thing going on. It’s been there for two days. I’m pretty sure I know why.

My mouth has been painfully exfoliated by 60 mph dirt-carrying winds during a Saturday baseball game. All the baseball parents and players were ferociously sandblasted and my mouth is still killing me two days later. It was worth it. Caden-9yr and Seth-7yr are on great teams this year. OH it’s about time!

But despite the twitchy eye and the raw mouth – it looks as if i had some sort of expensive spa treatment on it and it went badly – i have to say…. escape is looking good on me.

Sure, i’m out of shape and always behind on my to do list and my laundry. But. My facial muscles are getting really conditioned to withstand all the smiling that divorce has brought.

The constable who just left my house seemed a bit taken aback by it as well. He was here, AGAIN, looking for someone who is not me. He had all the correct contact information for the person he sought, but he was apparently not getting any response. Yes. Well. That’s how it is, frustrating if you choose to let it be, and do you have THIS phone number and THIS address and I just want to help you so you can stop coming around here and scaring my neighbors that something bad has happened to me, and really, ¬†GOOD LUCK, I SHALL PRAY FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN ALL THAT YOU DO. ¬†Smile, smile, smile.

Okay, I can see how that was creepy. Especially with the twitchy eye and the weird, skinless mouth.




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