Wednesday, March 27th 2013
MARCH. And we did.

It’s been a busy month. For y’all too…?


There was the divorce thing and the name changing thing (YAY)

and then there was spring break and a little trip

and baseball started

and we had our “It’s not a Make-up Christmas Event, because Christmas isn’t about presents, but this is the day Mom finally gives you the gifts wrapped in christmas paper that she wanted to give you in December but she couldn’t because we were destitute” day

And we finally picked our family song….. Get Back up by tobyMac (there was commentary comparing some of the lyrics to the survivors of 9/11. And you know….? that was probably really interesting. But some days by the time we get to devotional, i do NOT have it in me to stay present and tuned in to every last weird thing the kids say and I admit I tuned that one out. I mean… WHAT? No. Nevermind. Not what. Ssshhhh sweet boy and I hope you go to sleep fast, mama is tired and cannot handle discussions about terrorists tonight.)

and tonight we celebrated Easter early in a purely secular and pastel fashion and made cupcakes. Because i didn’t want to dye eggs. The boys wanted orange frosting. Ew. But okay. I have a secret soft spot for various sorts of sprinkles. So I got out the collection. There must be 12 different kinds of sprinkles and sparkles and different colors and shapes of small sugary stuff you put on desserts that we never use but they make me happy to look at. We made the kind of chocolate cupcakes you pipe full of gooey white frosting.

Yes. I have a date with the gym tomorrow. It’s at 930.  I’ve reorganized my closet and my ‘cannot fit my butt into THAT’ pile has grown quite a bit. directly in relation to my butt. I suppose.

I’ve been hiding out, depressed and big eyed and largely (and I do mean largely) stationary. But the urgency is returning to get back into shape so that the circling, ever threatening vultures might be discouraged. I could still kick butt if needed. But i’d be TIRED afterwards. And that’s not good enough.

Time to toughen up again.

There’s still a few days left in this month. I’ll get right on that.



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March 28th, 2013
1:47 am

Did you know that you are one of my fitness inspirations? I never exercised until I started 2 1/2 years ago. Tho the circumstances that got me started aren’t related to you, before I got to the point where I really, really wanted to exercise, I’d get inspired by your different stories on your blog. :) Maybe your body needed a good rest in the transition you’ve been going through, but I’ll be praying for you to get back into a non-stationary lifestyle. Not just to fit into your jeans, but because I now know how good it can make a person feel to be fit and strong. :)

March 28th, 2013
10:06 am

Water exercise went by the wayside during the long winter when one or the other of us was sick for months. Getting back to it has been a serious challenge. My muscles hurt. My bones hurt. My nerves hurt. Some days even my brain hurts. Apparently, I can think, or I can do. but not both at the same time. Have fun getting back into shape!
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